Garlic and Candida

Do you like garlic?  ( If so then facebook like this post ) Garlic is one of those awesome ingredients, it smells good, tastes good and is so good for us in many ways. Back throughout history Garlic has been used for a myriad of health properties and its use today is not as high but its health benefits are just the same. Some of its many benefits include being anti bacterial, anti fungal, naturally boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, kills many forms of bacteria, even some types that modern anti biotics have trouble killing, helps ease colds and flues and lastly but not least helps kill Candida Albicans in the body.

Garlic itself contains a good amount of anti-fungal substances that kill off the Candida yeast thus making it a good a part of any Candida treatment.

How Does Garlic Treat Candida?


Because Garlic is a good natural antiseptic it can reduce inflammations of the body, stomach and intestine, including Candida yeast parasites. However what makes garlic better than most medicine is that garlic only helps destroy bad bacteria while keeping and helping the good bacteria naturally found in the gut and bowels..

While Garlic alone may not quickly totally eliminate Candida totally it can in time help the body heal thus making the body less friendly for Candida. Testimonies of many with Candida have shown that by consuming large doses of say two whole raw cloves a day one can totally eliminate Candida over a few weeks or in a more serious case a few months. Of course this does not mean to ignore the diet or anything at the same time.

History – Garlic has been shown to be used all throughout history dating back all the way to Egyption times for its medicinal value..

How To Take Garlic?

Garlic is in so many things and many sources say that in any form it is beneficial however I recommend to take raw as this will help eliminate Candida in the mouth ( found commonly in Candida Sufferers ) as well as the throat. Also I feel from my own experience raw is stronger in aid. This is totally up to you of course, try and see if you can handle two cloves a day, some find it burns a bit wheras others find it is mild and easy like myself.

For Raw Garlic Usage : 2 to 4 grams ( 1 to 3 cloves )

Garlic Tablets:  600 to 900 mg daily or as can be tolerated

One can also add a small amount of garlic to tea as a medicine. This can help alot.

Fact – Allicin is one of the key components in Garlic that is effective against Candida.

Does Garlic Have Side Effects?

Like anything that is a powerful medicine there can be side effects, while with garlic they are generally low it is a good idea to work up to how you can handle the intake. Like i say above two cloves is a good daily limit, any more and you may experience tummy upsets or a mild reaction. This is not common but always good to be cautious as they say. Large doses of garlic have shown to have blood thinning properties which may effect some people on medicines.

Other side effects from garlic can include upset stomach, bloating, bad breath, body odor, and a stinging sensation on the skin from handling too much. In severe reactions some have allergic responses to garlic including athsma, rashes and more.

The Garlic Conclusion

Garlic is a winner overall, as long as tolerated well by your body it can help someone fight better that fight against the nasty effects of Candida. Another great bonus as well is that it is easy to get, cheap and goes so well in so many foods. Now let me think, what should I cook next with garlic?

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