7 Common Causes Of Candida

Do you have Candida? If so, you are probably wondering now, what is the common cause of this health problem, why is it so common? Why it may have effected you?

Below I will list the 7 most common causes which seem to trigger Candida to start. To many only one may be the cause, to others may be a number of them caused it. Everyone is different however by knowing what causes Candida you can then work out how to prevent it in you in future.

common causes of candida

Common Causes of Candida

  1. Antibiotics – Antibiotics are a big cause because there remove the natural good bacteria in the gut allowing bad bacteria such as Candida to thrive. If your wondering how often is too much Antibiotics, I would say no more than one course per couple of years keeps one in the safe range. Any more courses puts one in big risk of Candida. To prevent such a big impact from Antibiotics in the future make sure to take a good pro biotic such as Threelac at the same time.
  2. Stress – Stress effects Candida in a big way, drops the immune system and allows Candida to thrive better. By keeping stress under control it can help reduce Candida in the body as well.
  3. Alcohol – In particular drinking too much beer is a big culprit in causing Candida. In moderation alcohol is generally no threat.
  4. Sickness – If you have been effected by sickness for long periods of time this leaves on vulnerable to Candida Albicans.
  5. Proton Pump Medicine – This stuff is the worst for Candida sufferers and would not recommend it on anyone. Proton Pump medicine reduces the amount of acid in the body relieving acid reflux but at the same time increases bad bacteria, weakening the immune system and people become tolerant to it as well. If you suffer from reflux I highly recommend finding the exact cause of your reflux rather than covering the issue with drugs.
  6. Mold – Mold is a big factor and cause of Candida, avoid all forms of this to be safe. Types of mold include airborne mold, mold from composts, from litter, from fermenting products to mold caused by wet cloth etc.. Where there is mold you put yourself more at risk of Candida as well as such problems of pneumonia etc. To reduce and remove mold there are a number of natural mold killing products such as Apple Cider Vinegar to remove mold from inside your house.
  7. Bad Diet – A bad diet consisting of too many processed foods or flavors such as MSG, soy sauce, tomato sauce, fish sauce are all bad. These are all not fresh and therefore contain molds within the contents. To someone who does not have Candida they are no problem, however to those that are susceptible they are big causes. To prevent Candida in future always be careful on the sauce or flavor products.. MSG is a big nasty one as an example.

Okay, now that I have finished my list of the common causes, now you need to ask yourself If you have Candida which ones of these relate to you in particular. Have you had Antibiotics recently? Is you diet good filled with unprocessed foods? Did you consume MSG? You need to be the detective on this so that in future once you have Candida under control you will know what to do to keep it away for good.

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