What to Expect While Doing a Candida Cleanse

Welcome to the Candida Cleanse. You have been given a diet to follow and all sounds good but do you you really know what to expect while doing the diet..? To begin with the diet is going to put the body into a number of changes and that is what this post is about..

1st week of the Candida Cleanse

First of all in the first week the body will react, but in many ways will feel better. One of the biggest effects will be the body will feel up and down.. Emotionally and physically.. Don’t be surprised if you start crying for no reason, this is common.. As the cleanse continues, bowels movements will be become more common and detoxing mode will begin. You may feel like your getting a cold or flu, this is common.. Its the body cleaning the organs as you stick to the healthy cleansing diet.

2nd week

The fun really starts on the second week though. Sweating, tired, lethargic and the body adjusting to low amounts of certain foods that may have been common in your diet.. Headaches may appear and feeling upset or down may happen without warning.. Also be careful of stress in this level of cleanse as stress is a big thing now..

To add a positive note here, the eyes will clear up, hair will look more vibrant and general appearance will show signs of improvement.. This is the reward for the cleanse at the end of the second week.

3rd Week

On the third week really push the Candida Cleanse.. You are at a milestone now so you will start to feel a lot better and healthier. Keep at it, do exercise, stay away from stress and the road is clear to recovery. The body will still get upset and you may have the odd day where it feels like your getting a cold or flu but then it will pass.. Keep at it..

While all of this is a positive way of looking at a Candida Diet, it may be different from person to person. To me I usually find after a month of a cleanse my body feels a lot better and when this diet is continued for say 4 to 5 months Candida should be totally in control.. Remember stress is a major aspect of keeping Candida around as well as exercise is always needed.. Keep the mind happy as they say..

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