What Is the Strict Candida Diet?

Many people ask me what is the strict candida diet so in this post i will share the strictest form which will effectively remove candida after a few months of doing. It is not an easy diet so determination hard work and some supplements are needed to ensure health and successful accomplishment of the diet for your condition.

What you Can’t Eat With Candida

Everyone is a little different with there condition so use these results and if a sensitivity happens that is below in the safe section then eliminate that one as well.

  • No Fruit (None)
  • Only small amounts of potato with no skins
  • No Yeast
  • No Mushrooms (All)
  • No Vinegar
  • No Chilli’s (Chilli will inhibit candida but in doing so will also kill the good bacteria meaning it is is best to avoid)
  • No Wheat
  • No Sugar (Stevia is okay)
  • No Honey
  • No Pork
  • No Tomatoes (to do with MSG)
  • No MSG

*During strict stage only


What you can Eat

  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Ginger
  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Fresh Fish
  • No Sugar Natural Yogurt
  • Non Dairy and Non sugar Probiotic
  • Rye
  • Basmati Rice ( make sure it is basmati )
  • Dandelion Tea

Okay so that gives you an idea with what to go with. Basically it is a strict no carb diet that it is based on. The no carbs and sugars will starve the yeast infection, thus making you feel better and in time over a few months the infection should clear up in the bowels. For a more serious form of candida more time on diet may be needed or to include some well known candida killers during the process.

For more on natural products to help kill candida while doing the diet feel free to subscribe and download our free book “The Truth About Yeast Infections.”

15 thoughts on “What Is the Strict Candida Diet?

  1. What is the reason for no pork and no dairy? I can understand staying away from honey ham or bacon that has been cured with sugar, but the lack of fresh pork confuses me.

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to eat yogurt to help your body replenish the good bacteria?

    • Hey Saveena,
      Natural unsweetened yogurt with the cultures is fine because the cultures eat the lactose in the dairy. With other dairy it is not recommended because of the lactose content which is a form of sugar. As with the pork, the reason is because you want to improve digestion and pork is the hardest food for anyone to digest whether it is bacon, ham or fresh. It takes a long time to digest and encourages constipation so avoiding it is very important. Instead I recommend focus on the vegetable food group and easy to digest proteins like almonds, lentils, chicken, eggs and lean meat. Making sure the vegetable and salad side part being over 50 % of the daily diet. This will help you go to the toilet a couple of times a day which will increase the letting out of candida in the bowels. Basically raise the natural fiber intake and lower the fat, sugar, salt and processed foods intake while avoiding all chemicals and MSG.

      With chemicals I would even avoid dish washing liquid on dishes and go with natural alternatives and natural shampoo, conditioner and soap.. Once one is regular (a bowel movement 2 to 3 times a day ) and eating well then one is on the road to recovery with candida within 4 to 6 months in general. I hope that helps Saveena. Any more questions just let me know.

  2. I have just started on the Strict Candida Diet myself and your tips are very helpful to begin. Can I ask how long one should do this for, like 2 months or 3 or 4 months or longer?

    • Hey Erik,
      Basmati is a very special type of wild rice that is low in sugars, it is non sticky and is very easy to digest. Because of this reason it is fine to use with Candida and as well as brown rice. As with Whole Grain rice, whole grain is a mixed variety of that type of rice and generally is the more stock standard sticky variety higher in sugars and harder to digest. Some rices can even increase constipation. Stick with Basmati and one will be fine though.. I hope that helps ya Erik.. Anymore questions let me know..

  3. HI,
    Can you please list a 3 day food plan of a strict candida diet? Also can I eat 100% whole wheat bread at least? Lets say I follow this diet for about a 1 1/2-2months, and I go back to eating sugar again, would taking a high quality probiotic keep the candida from coming back?

    • Hey Heidi,
      Will do a post on the subject within the next week, whole wheat is a risk as it is hard to digest and carbs turn into food for the infection. Instead go with a yeast free rye bread and that should be fine. When going back on to the regular diet keep buying candida killer food and only eat a little of what you could not before. Yes taking a good probiotic can help reduce it coming back. Threelac is a recommendation there.

      • Oh I feel for you, my SIL has been doing this diet for a few years now and in the last few weeks had to get even more agsvegsire with it and is taking some crazy stuff now. I hope you are feeling better than she is!

  4. Is there anything sweet (stevis sweetened) for the strict candida diet?
    I’ve been having natural raw almonds mixed with sugarless soy “cream cheese” and stevia.But I can’t find anything more & I’m not even sure the soy is OK.

    • Hey Cynthia,
      To keep strict to the diet we have to eliminate as much sugar from the body.. Fruit is as sweet as one should go and keep that limited as well. As for soy, yeah it is fine as long as it is organic and not genetically modified. Genetically modified can actual cause many issues.. On the label it should say GE free somewhere.. Sugar is a hard one i know..

      • Thank you – I keep searching for something to mix with stevia, but no luck. Self- discipline then, I guess (not very sweet!)

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