What is a Yeast Infection? (Video)

Yeast infection is an infection caused by the irritation of too many yeast bacteria and can happen in both male and females, yes that is right, this condition has been portrayed a number of times as being a female problem however the common stats suggest it is common in both male and female in an even way.  In the video below it shows what yeast can do in the Vagina area.

As well as what happens when conditions change it will increase or decrease the acidity causing the yeast fungi to multiply and cause irritation..

Plus another one to watch is

Video Above – What is a Yeast Infection.?

While the video describes what yeast can do in this area, it is important to note that yeast infection can also happen in males causing issues in the prostrate and intestines (as well as in females).

Yeast is the basis of Candida and can causes many issues in many people worldwide. If you know you have it already then you should jump over and see my recommended products, one of my favorites being Threelac.

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  1. Back in my good old Microbiology 101, we learned YEAST INFECTIONS were NOT bacterial in origin; they are FUNGI (pleural) or Fungus Infections. Yes, all the helpful hints are true: wear cotton undergarments, no panties to bed & try not to excoriate (scrubbing off your normal protective skin cells) from your vaginal area with all those sweet-smelling vaginal sprays. Fungi are most often caused in women, regardless of age, when you have been on antibiotics for an actual infection such as that sore throat or cold you can’t seem to shake. Too often today in the 21st century, MDs treat almost any “infection” with antibiotics. While good for SERIOUS CONDITIONS, we’ve all heard of these “Superbugs” very real bacteria that are either no longer killed with just 1 antibiotic, they are able to protect themselves better than we can & create a barrier around themselves to STOP the antibiotic from bumping them off…and they do this in record time! If you’ve heard of “MERSA” infections used to occur in hospitals, now, they occur everywhere. MERSA is an abbreviation for Methacillin RESISTENT STAPHOLOCOCCUS Aureus. Staph Aureus is a dangerous sometimes life threatening bacteria. When antibiotics are no longer able to kill bacteria, that’s when these SUPER BACTERIA (Bugs) grow without any drug to kill them. More on this can be found reading about MERSA & other Superinfections online.
    What about Yeast infections though? Why do they grow vaginalky & cause such itching (PRUITIS), pain & make one feel terribly uncomfortable? Well, after antibiotic treatment, it’s often found that not only are the bad bacteria die, but, in our body, the GOOD, protective bacteria are killed too! These good bacteria usually found in our “GUT” our intestines, do a wonderful thing naturally. Good bacteria or “normal flora” break down the food we eat & help rid our bodies of poisons. That’s why,bt here’s often diarrhea after taking antibiotics; these normal flora in the gut, help form normal stool (feces). When the good guys are gone, the bowels try to get rid of poisons by taking too much water in our normally well balanced blood vessel fluids & TRY at least to flush out the poisonous content of the bowels. HOW DOES THIS ALL FIT INTO A YEAST INFECTIONS?
    Yeast infections grow in the presence of no good bacteria to stop them. They are “Opportunistic” take advantage of the good guys or the police in the gut being gone. They cross contaminate any area that is DARK, MOIST & WARM….the Vagina is one such place. So, fungi called “Candida Albicans” aka Candida, Monilia yeast/fungus take over. The word “ALBICANS” means white in Latin & if you’ve ever had a Candida infection, you’ve probably noticed a white cheesy like matter & a foul odor in the vaginal area. That, well that is the YEAST infection from either the normal flora gone or it can come from being on other medications which make the food the Yeasts love & need to grow, such as various types of sugars. Candida will usually happen at least once in a woman’s life if not more often. Please note, if you haven’t been on antibiotics, Steroids (Cortisone)–any medication that kills off good bacteria, best get your blood sugar checked. Fungal/Yeast infections are very often seen with high blood sugars & even early Diabetes. The bottom line: Yeast infections happen in a couple situations & can be treated with some over the counter products. BUT, IF YOU GET YEAST CANDIDA/MONILIAL INFECTIONS VERY OFTEN, DO NOT CONTINUE TO TRAT WITH DRUG STORE CREAMS! These infections long-term or occurring too often means you need to be checked for another underlying more serious condition…such as Diabetes, or an auto-immune disorder. Candida Albicans is no fun; it itches, is painful & embarrasing…but it shouldn’t be the latter. Every woman will likely experience this Yeast infection at least once. It’s not a Sexually transmitted disease, it’s not something to be embarrassed by but it needs to be treated!

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