The Ultimate Anti Fungal Tea for Those with Yeast Infections

Are you looking for an amazing tea recipe that is both anti fungal and helps fight Yeast Infections like Candida? If so you have come to the right place.

This tea packs an amazing punch and is an effective side treatment for those with this condition. Enjoy daily for best results.

The Ultimate Anti Fungal Tea Ingredients

  1. cup teaPrepare a tea pot or pan in which to brew the below ingredients.
  2. Chop one teaspoon of fresh Ginger – Ginger is a very powerful anti fungal and relieves indigestion
  3. Chop one teaspoon of Garlic – Probably the most anti fungal ingredient on the planet especially in raw form.
  4. Small pinch of Dandelion root, dried is best. Dandelion is good for the liver and the kidneys essential in any cleanse.
  5. One herbal tea bag or St Johns Wart – St Johns Wart is a great anti depressant which is good for those with Candida as well it is also good for the liver.
  6. Small pinch of dried chamomile – This can be bought at most supermarkets easily or online. Chamomile is great for relieving tense muscles and nervous issues, which is a common symptom of Candida feeling on edge.ginger
  7. Take a small one to two teaspoon of Manuka medicine grade honey and add to pot.. Manuka honey is great for digestion and has anti fungal properties, yes i know it is sweet when trying to avoid sugary items but because it has anti fungal properties in small amounts it is fine. If you find Manuka is not your thing just don’t add this one if you are on a strict no sweets at all diet. It depends on your place in the diet and your condition. However with that being said because of its strong anti fungal properties any reaction should only be good,
    to me it was fine.
  8. Cinnamon – Add a small amount of Cinnamon, this ingredient is great for balancing sugar levels and making you feel less out of it as well.
  9. Okay so now brew all these ingredients together. You can also add if you desire some sugar free soy milk. This will make the tea more so like a Chia Tea however if you do not like soy milk it is fine to go without. Either way it should taste pretty good.

The good news about this tea is if you brewed it in a pot, just have whenever you. It can be enjoyed multiple times a day and should help you feel more stronger and less vulnerable to the effects of any yeast infection symptoms. This is a formula I have enjoyed myself on many occasions.

If you have any questions on this tea please feel free to comment your thoughts on it whatever it maybe. Also while you are please subscribe to receive our free book on offer The Truth about Yeast Infections above.

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  1. Hi, I am following the anti candida diet and taking homeopathic tablets but my dizziness remains had and is causing me to get depressed. I am going to try this tea. I know when candida die off it can feel worse for a while. Did you get a reaction to such a strong combination or did you just get better quickly without die off toxins? Thanks for the information!

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