Treatments of Candida

After doing the basic spit test for Candida or being tested for Candida and coming up positive one of the first questions many ask is what is the best Treatment of Candida? With this question it can be broken up into three main treatments, each of which in time will help one get back in control. To best describe these three types I will call them the anti fungal drugs method, the anti fungal drugs method plus the natural alternatives and lastly the complete natural way.

candida treatmentEach way works at improving your condition and getting you back in control however some are more time consuming than others. The complete natural way is probably the best way for not harming the body in any way other than slowly eliminating Candida however it can take time, a lot more time to get Candida under control. Whereas with the anti fungal drugs alone the body can become resistant which is another problem in itself.

  1. Anti fungal drugs Treatment
  2. The anti fungal drugs Treatment plus the natural alternatives
  3. The complete natural way

Below I will go over the three methods in more detail giving you more options at what is most suitable for you.

The Anti Fungal Drugs Candida Treatment – Duration up to Doctor

This is the common formula given to a patient by a doctor which will quickly attack the Candida source and within weeks to a couple of months can get one back in complete control, however it has side effects. Anti fungal drugs can be very damaging to the body, they also eliminate Candida too quickly which means that a bad die off period of Candida will happen giving you die off symptoms. If these symptoms are really bad then sometimes it can even put one in hospital for days.

This treatment also recommends including a powerful probiotic such as Threelac to take daily.

The most recommended anti fungal drug by doctors at the moment is fluconazole 150mg. This is a powerful medicine and can effect the liver negatively so please check with your doctor before taking.


The Anti Fungal Drugs Plus Natural Method for Candida Treatment – Duration usually over 6 to 12 months, one Fluconazole once a month

This way is a more balanced approach, how it works is by focusing on the diet for a few weeks strongly, no sugar, no fruit, no wheat, no soy sauce, no chili, no fermented foods, no yeast, just a very bland diet (strict candida diet ) and then after a few weeks take one fluconazole tablet while continuing on the diet for six months and then taking one fluconazole once a month to help the body throw it quicker.

This diet and drug treatment should also include a powerful probiotic such as Threelac to take daily, with the option of all the other alternatives such as Candex, Yeatrol or Candigone. One should also include a good supplement of Vitamin C – 1000mg at least and a good Echinacea 5000mg and the supplement St Johns Wart 2000mg minimum daily.

The Complete Natural Way Candida Treatment – Up to 2 to 3 Years But No Nasty Side Effects.

The complete natural way focuses solely on the strict Candida diet and the natural alternatives to get your condition under control. This method works, but just takes more time than the last treatment I mentioned. However there is no chance of deadly die off symptoms with this one.

The natural alternatives recommended to include in this treatment are a powerful probiotic, Threelac to take daily using alongside such alternatives as Candex, Yeatrol or Candigone. One should also include a good supplement of Vitamin C – 1000mg at least daily and a good Echinacea 5000mg daily and the supplement St Johns Wart 2000mg minimum daily.

St Johns Wart will help one keep positive while being on a bland diet that can at times make one feel depressed and helpless.

My Recommended Treatment of Candida

The most recommended options by me overall from experience is the 2nd and 3rd treatment or approach, while going with the complete anti fungal drug method may seem like a good idea there is always the risk that you may react to the drugs or that you may become tolerant to the drug meaning in time it becomes less effective.

By using the natural alternative treatment method the body will never become tolerant or resistant (immune) to the medicine and so you will be in more control in the long run with the regime of getting Candida under control.

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