Threelac Capsules

A new product is on the market called  Threelac Capsules, they are small, lightweight and easy to take and yes I have ordered them as well. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and see if they are as good as the Threelac sachets powder.

First of all, my first impression was really good, they are light weight, they are much easier to take and they still contain all the needed ingredients ( powerful probiotic formula that has been designed to get past the stomach and deep into the bowels where candida lies ) to help get on top of Candida and any form of Yeast Infection.


They are particularly handy for taking to work or taking with you anywhere you go, not that the sachets are much different, it is just taking a capsule is more convenient I believe overall.

Another good point is they come in 120 capsules so they are quite good for value for money, not to mention  because it is 120 it means you have a bigger supply as well. That was another good point.

Summary Of Benefits:

  • Convenient
  • Small
  • Handy
  • Some powerful formula as before
  • Value for money
  • Powerful Probiotic
  • Effective killer of Candida

I have tried to work out some negative aspects about this product, but it is really hard to find. The only main difference I can see to the sachets is that they are in capsules form and the supply is better.

So without rambling to much, which is what I can do on occasions ( sorry people ) I would recommend checking out this product from GHT, in fact it can easily be ordered through amazon as well.

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