Is It Possible to Get Candida in the Chest and Lungs?

One of the questions i was asked recently was can candida get in the lungs and cause problems like pneumonia or chest pains. This is serious when this happens, however the answer is yes. It is hard to get diagnosed on this though and usually the only way it will show up is with a chest cat scan. A basic x ray will usually show nothing.

So, if you have candida and if you get chest pains etc, then i recommend insisting the doctor do a complete check with a cat scan. In fact insist even if the doctor wants to argue, remember you are paying them and too many times doctors ignore candida when instead they should be focusing on it more.

What happens when Candida gets into the chest is usually Asthma type symptoms all the way to pneumonia. I have had Pneumonia once and i can tell you it was definitely linked to candida, in human lungs chestfact i got it after taking Diflucan the first time. That is why taking drugs should only ever be seen as a last resort. They can actually make your Candida much much worse. Why? Because candida is a very strong organism and it can adapt to many conditions in the human body.

So once you have been fully checked and the doctor has confirmed you have chest problems due to a yeast infection, then now is decision time. Most likely the doctor will prescribe antibiotics that can do 1 of 2 things, make the situation worse or if they work do wonders within days. If you hear the doctor say they are not working this only confirms it as a more serious candida infection than was thought.

What you need to so is firstly listen to your doctor but ask all questions? Remember to ask about any types of antibiotics and if they may effect this type of infection. You want any clue so you can recover as quickly as possible. Then after those queries are answered you then have to change your diet to our strict recommended diet.

candexThis means eliminating nearly all carbs and focusing more on proteins such as meat and eggs and of course lots of fresh vegetables. Not only that you will need to include a strong pro-biotic such as Threelac which will reduce this infection in the bowels. You see, by eliminating in the bowels it will help the body fight other areas better. Another product i would recommend adding as well is a good enzyme such as Candex. This is a enzyme specifically targeted to help digest carb based products. Carbs being what Candida feeds on.

Hint – If you were a smoker before this happened, then now is the time to quit.. These types of infections are generally the warning signs of much much worse.

Vitamin C should be added as well( large doses ), use it often, it will help boost the immune system and lung strength, followed by regular amounts of fresh garlic and ginger. Both of which are strong natural antibiotics which the yeast cannot ever get immune too.garlic

After you do the changes keep regularly visiting your doctor to see if signs of improvement are happening. This is important because you may feel like it is still the same, but your body could be on the verge of improvement. Any news of improvement will help your mental state as well.

Lastly, if it does turn out to be Pneumonia one trick i learned that helped me improve was to for every now and then to take a good deep breath. I would then hold even if hard for up to 30 seconds. What this does is strengthen the weakened lungs and helps them get back to where they are supposed to be.

3 thoughts on “Is It Possible to Get Candida in the Chest and Lungs?

  1. Antibiotics kill bacteria, not fungus (which is what Candida is). Therefore, when one who has Candida takes an antibiotic, the Candida gets worse. And there is no way taking Diflucan can make Candida worse because it is an antifungal. Diflucan will either make it better, or there will be no change (because the Candida is resistant to the Diflucan).

  2. Since i have just been diagnosed with Candida in the lung i have a question please! Since i am looking for answers this is how i got to this site.

    First are you basing this regime on your personal problems or are an MD…………..If so i have a further question please I also have sjogren’s syndrome since this is an immune system problem can i have problems following your advice or maybe? could it help my immune system problem. I would appreciate your feedback.

    W. Robert Webb

    • Hey Robert,
      I am not an MD. All my advice is from personal experience having Candida on and off for over 15 years. A lot of the information I share here is from the perspective of what has helped work for me and feedback received over the years. Some of the advice is also from books and videos I have read and watched over the years on Candida, allergies and immune issues. As for your question relating to your health condition, most likely you would have no issues as my tips are natural remedy related or diet related, however baring in mind my advise is more so related to Candida specifically.

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