Garlic Everyday to Help Keep Yeast Infections Away

Have you ever heard the saying, an apple a day to help keep the Dentist away. The same can go for Garlic and Yeast infections or Candida. Garlic like we all know has some amazing properties and one them is its ability to kill mold, heal infections and lastly help kill Candida bacteria. Because it is so effective one you have any form of yeast infection under control taking it daily is a recommended Candida deterrent. Like i have said many times, just because the symptoms are gone does not mean that it cannot come back. In fact, now that you have had it most likely like most of us you will be susceptible to it for the rest of your life.

That is where Garlic comes in again. Take two fresh cloves, organic of course. And add to your daily routine. At first you may experience some sort of reaction but do not worry it will pass. The chemical component in Garlic called allicin will do its magick. Not only that it will boost the immune system and reduce all different types of infections as well. And to think this is such a simple change in diet that anyone can follow quite easily.garlic

Research has shown that Candida induced mice that were fed Garlic every day for more than 21 days were basically Candida free, however the other mice that were not fed Garlic and yeast based foods were very unwell. The study concluded that daily amounts of Garlic reduced or even eliminated most yeast infections.

How i take Garlic myself is in many ways, we can add it to stir fry’s or add it to cooking, make some fresh yeast free garlic bread or even in some circumstances chew on it raw. Please note that to get its wonderful effects in raw form it is the strongest. I have learned this one by trial and error.

The down side of Garlic is it can really cause garlic breath, i know it sucks, you can brush after if need be or embrace this as a part of you now. However with that being said i am sure you can agree that it is better than any form of yeast infection, am i right? I think everyone here has to agree on that one as well.

6 thoughts on “Garlic Everyday to Help Keep Yeast Infections Away

  1. Hey Timon,
    Great blog by the way, i am subscribed. I also am a former Candida sufferer who has it return sometimes, Garlic really is a powerful tool. I use it daily as well, so totally agree with your post. Another food i like to eat daily is Ginger. ­čÖé

  2. I have come to discover that Good hygiene is always the best medicine for a harmful yeast infection. Keeping the body fresh and clean will never be imitated within the confines of a capsule.

    • Hey Debbie, yes hygiene is important however there are many forms of candida and yeast infections, for external of course hygiene can help, but for internal bowel related it can have little effect.. Regards,

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