What is the Difference Between Candida and a Yeast Infection?

A question was asked of me recently which i decided to look into to give a good answer. That question was What is the difference between Candida and a Yeast Infection.

The truth is I thought it was an easy answer, however there are a couple of differences. Below is my answer.

A Yeast Infection is the Visual Sign of Candida

The first difference is that a Yeast infection is the visual sign of a Candida infection, it is what can usually be seen visually or if small can be seen under a microscope. So in a way they are both outcomes of each other and one cannot exist without the other. One effect of Candida in another way is the common Yeast Infection. This means that by directly treating the Yeast Infection only you will get rid of that infection, but you will not get rid of Candida thus it will return in time. However if one does treat both or more aggressively treats the Candida issue the infection can disappear quite quickly. The problem is most people address one without understanding of the other..

Candida Effects the Whole Body In Many Ways

Secondly Candida is slow forming and effects the whole body whereas a Yeast Infection is usually effecting only the bowel area and sexual organs. Both of which can be very frustrating and make one very ill. Candida can effect the brain, the breathing, the bowels, the nervous system and much much more.

Okay so now that we know the basic differences of Candida is there a solution to understanding better how to conquer Candida, the easy answer is yes, the bard answer is yes as well but it takes time and lots of effort. The principal being you want to fight all forms of Candida and Yeast Infections from all angles. To do so i made a easy to follow list for those on the path.

Conquer Candida and Yeast Infections Listto do list to ge rid of candida

  1. Follow my 3 Day Candida Diet – This is a must
  2. Exercise Daily – At least 30 minutes to 1 hour no excuses
  3. Eat lots of easy to digest fiber – this will keep you regular which is essential to Candida and removing yeast infections. One such good fiber source is Physilium Husks.
  4. Drink lots of good clean water
  5. Keep away from all forms of yeasts and sugars. Focus more on good proteins, vegetables and low sugar fruit.
  6. Use Threelac – This is a powerful Probiotic.
  7. Use Candex – Effective candida eating enzyme..
  8. Avoid Antibiotics

With Candida like I said above it is essential to be patient, by following my program above you need to be consistent and allow up to and over 6 weeks for good results, three months if your Candida is really developed. So it depends on your side there. Either way you need to keep at it until you feel more Candida free and then after that you need to follow a after Candida Diet plan from there.

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  1. Why is it called a 3 day diet when it states it could be 3 months for positive results? You are recommending the above plan for the duration until the results are achieved, right?

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