Could POIS ( Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome ) Be Candida?

Over the last few weeks I have been reading online and trying to better understand some of the symptoms of Candida and where in the body it can populate.

A year ago I was diagnosed with a mild form of Prostatitis which was not a medicine treatment case which i found out, it was due to a mild Candida infection in the prostate area. This was an uncomfortable place to get Candida, but as soon as I worked out the pattern I realized it was Candida. I adjusted my diet, ate many anti candida foods and within a few weeks my Prostatitis issue was gone. During that time it was amazing to see doctors again who had no real clue on how to treat or diagnose this. Allergy prostatitis was a last option if nothing else comes up..

So after learning about this and curing myself, I remembered some of the bizarre symptoms Candida can caused me when in the Prostate area. The main one being an aching sore feeling that came and went..

About Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome

Okay so to my correlation between Candida and Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome. First off, this illness is a condition which effects the prostate area of the body and seems to create a negative immune response after having sex. It can last up to to 2 to 3 days all the way up to a week where the individual feels like they are in a dreamlike state, feel tired, lethargic, exhausted, hot and cold and in extreme cases shortness of breath and anxiety. As a general opinion many subjects feel these symptoms worse the second day after orgasm and then there body goes into recovery mode. In a way it is a little like an allergic reaction to sex.

Could Candida Be The Issue?

This condition had me thinking on my issues I had with my prostatitis that had doctors scratching there heads and me working out it was a bizarre return of Candida. During that time sex or intercourse was one of those things that was a lot harder on the body. Why is that you may ask..? Because there is a mild yeast infection in that area causing inflammation due to Candida.

When looking at the symptoms and reactions POIS victims have I must say they correlate almost exactly to Candida in the Prostate area almost exactly. Interestingly this is not something a doctor can detect as the prostate is an area which can hide problems until they are out of hand.. I learnt this the hard way by listening to prostate specialists of many types scratch there head and say “I don’t know why you are getting discomfort..?”. Okay so that was helpful after paying for there help but still that is one of the elements of Candida that sufferers have to deal with.  Lucky for me I know how to get on top of it with in a few weeks with a few modifications in diet and remedies..

What to Do?

If you suffer from this Illness referred to as POIS ( Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome ) I recommend following a strict Candida Diet plan such as the one here on my site. It can’t hurt and then we can get to the bottom of this if Candida is the culprit. The major foods to cut out are sugar, yeast, cocoa, potato family, dairy and eat more fresh vegetables, low sugar fruits.

In conclusion to Is POIS a form of Candida? It seems to correlate very well to the orgasm causing a irritation of the Candida infection thus causing a few days of horrible Candida dreamlike state. I think it is very likely.

If you suffer from this illness or have something to say please feel free to comment your thoughts below..

4 thoughts on “Could POIS ( Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome ) Be Candida?

  1. First off, as a sufferer from POIS, I’d just like to say that I appreciate your thoughtfulness in trying to come up with a cure. But there are a few holes with the “correlation”. 1- if someone has candida, they typically have it for a period of time within their life, whether it be a week or a year. From what I know about POIS, and my own situation included, people have it from puberty onwards. So there’s a missing link. 2- Ive personally tried a dozen ‘smart drugs and supplements’ in an effort to treat my POIS. One of the things I tried was 3Lac – which is one of the best known ways to cure Candida. I took 3Lac for over 6 months straight, and my POIS didn’t go anywhere.
    So atleast personally, I’m looking elsewhere for a cure. But thanks for trying! I imagine theres still a chance it could help someone else.

    Oh, and lastly, there’s a test to see if one has Candida. I remember it involving spitting in a cup of water, and if your spit was suspended in the water… no merely floating on top… then you likely had the yeast infection. Someone else with POIS could try that to check for themselves.

    • Hey POIS Sufferer,
      I understand your side, thanks for your comment, however some points i disagree with. Candida is not always a little thing that comes and goes, it some times for some people is for life. I mean some are born susceptible to it, including myself so i have to be careful with my diet regularly. On another note, candida can effect anywhere including in particular the reproductive. I am not directly saying POIS is candida, it is a theory because so many horrible candida symptoms can be exactly the same when effected in that area and another reason that doctors do not seem to be able to help in the matter as well..

      On another note threelac is great however by itself it will not get rid of candida, to do that one has to go on a strict, i mean extremely strict diet for at least 6 to 12 months including no sugars at all including those from fruit. Threelac helps speed up the process but does not help.. Same goes with anti fungal drugs, they help speed up the killing of the yeast fungus but they don’t get rid of it straight away.. So if one is taking threelac and not doing the diet as well, one would notice little change in the way they feel.

      Yes i agree, one with POIS may not have candida, they would be worth getting the proper check, not just with spit, with blood and urine check as well.. If it is related then candida could be a trigger of the condition at least.. All i am saying is it is theory worth looking down for all you sufferers..

      One last thought on the matter, have you ever tried diflucan which is based on fluconazole, it is a powerful anti fungal medicine, i am not saying to go out and try, but saying if any tests come back positive on candida then try and see. If the POIS reduces over the first few days after taking one tablet (just one) then it sounds like candida triggered at least. Then after the fluconazole wears off which is after 4 to 5 days, see if the POIS symptoms start to come back.. This is the only way to fully tell, however get a full proper candida check first i reckon, including blood and urine before thinking of trying, you can also go to a allergy specialist which can tell by a meridian check which is even more accurate of if you have candida and where it is effecting in the body..

      With the saliva test it is for most types of candida, however not all, eg, many of us have bad candida in the mouth but not anywhere else in the body, same goes with many have no candida in the mouth problems but candida thrush symptoms.. It can be in different places, the saliva test is for most types but not all..

      • hey there!!!

        i am a teen 15 yrs of age.. i ve searched up the net & i think i have POIS since the last 4 months or so. i have all the symptoms.. can u plz suggest me someway to know if its candida??? if it is,,can u give me a fast cure or treatment?? what can i do if it is POIS??? i m in panic..plz help me…its a question of my career…help me…

  2. I think you are right in some way, whether POIS is caused by candida or candida makes it worse. My boyfriend has a type of POIS and he has been on a candida type diet for the last 6 months. He does say it helps reduce the problems.

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