Candida Diet

If you have been to a Candida specialist you may already know the basics on diet for Candida.. However sometimes they tend to leave some important life facts that need to be taken into account other than just a strict diet. To begin with let me explain the basic diet for those suffering from Candida, then i will go into what other actions that should be considered.

Basic Candida Diet

The basic candida diet consists of little amounts of yeasts whether natural forming yeasts or not and cutting out sugar. This means plenty of fresh veges, low sugar fruits and no mushrooms (yeast)..


As for drinking considerations beer is a no no, while low sugar fruits such as fresh apple is fine. As a basic guide plenty of water is a good cleaner.

Another aspect to consider in a candida diet is little carbs, yes the same aspects that make us gain weight also aid the candida infection so eliminate as much carbs as possible.. Try to focus more on the high protein food groups like eggs and low fat meats..

Most milk products will effect Candida as well with exceptions of the probiotic groups such as sour yogurt and yakults..

What Other Aspects to Consider with a Candida Diet

Other aspects to consider are exercise, reducing stress and drinking plenty of water. Other than that there are many aids as described on this blog to help keep the diet on track, basically said to help assist, improve the immune system, the nervous system and get you back to healing healthy state as soon as possible..

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