Can Vertigo and Dizziness Be Caused By Candida?

If you are suffering from Vertigo you may have been told by your doctors already that there is no treatment, I have been there, many of us have been there. In fact I thought it was a new issue and not Candida related in case as well until I started noticing the patterns.

Yes that is right, Candida also known as a yeast infection can cause many mishaps and one unusual one is that it can cause dizziness and vertigo. Great I thought because i had little know candida symptoms at the time and i thought i was on top of everything.


If your case has a name well then that is great, however consider my words as something to ponder, did your doctor give you a diagnosis based on a real case of some type of vertigo or did they just want to get you out of the room because they do not know how to treat it. This is much the same with Vertigo as it is one of those things that doctors like to avoid. Yes positional vertigo can be treated i know doing all those exercises, they really do help, however what is triggering it exactly if it not so much positional.?

Well, this is what i worked out. For me It was one of those symptoms, rare on the Candida side but still a case of Candida none the less. What i did was try a few remedies and what i found was profound as well, a simple ginger and garlic tea gave me relief. Well how about that, a common remedy for yeast infections. I felt the connection there almost straight way so decided to go on a really strict Candida diet and drink the tea regularly. Well relief was within days. So to, that convinced me, when you go from a room spinning to having to lie down to feel balanced to almost back to normal in a couple of days it really has you thinking. What a connection.

Inspiring Story

Now here is another interesting story a couple years after my bout of Vertigo was gone, I accidentally stumbled upon a forum and one lady there had had Vertigo chronically for over 2 years, can you believe that, in fact she hardly even did anything, she could not socialize, could not drive properly, could not leave her house and certainly could not work. She was one of those victims, she was a healthy women with no issues and then bam woke up one morning and her life changed. The doctors could not help which is common with vertigo and had tried exercises but nothing helped. I felt so concerned by her amazing story, I wrote back to her post asking her did she consider it maybe Candida related. Well of all things, doctors did not even suggest it, makes me upset sometimes. Anyways, back to the story, she had not even known about candida or even considered it. She had basically spent thousands on tests and no avail and no solution.

I asked her to try this, stop drinking any forms of tea and coffee which she replied was not a problem and then daily drink a strong batch of ginger and garlic tea.. I told her to do it for two weeks and eat healthy and then reply back to see if it helped at all..

Well, it was one of those light bulb moments, ” bing “, where one could almost cry, not only had her Vertigo gone she could now drive and work and all the aspects that had gone for over 2 years in this women were basicallyback to normal. She was so happy that she said she would be a fan of this blog for life, but what made me happy more so than that was that i helped some one get on with there life where the loopholes of the medical society had slipped through.

So if you are a doctor or you know your doctor do not forget to share this story with them. People knowing these what seem like such little things can make the world of difference to many lives around the world.

And so, in answer to the question asked, it is a sure thing Candida can very easily cause Dizziness and Vertigo and i am not putting a disclaimer on that either. Maybe not all forms are the same but as you can how many people would be in this same boat.

Share the word people and help get this out as well.

7 thoughts on “Can Vertigo and Dizziness Be Caused By Candida?

  1. I’ve been having dizzy spells and yes Dr says its vertigo it went away and came back I have to lay down and sleep for it to stop I’m going to try the ginger and garlic tea and pray this works because I can’t take this anymore.

  2. Regarding vertigo there are quite a few inner ear diseases that can cause disabling episodes unrelated to candida.
    Menieres disease, Tulio Phenomenon is hypersensitive hearing, whereas vertigo is triggered
    by certain decibels by loud noise. Like sirens, power
    tools, loud motors, trains, planes, lawn mowers, law grasswhackers, leaf blowers, fire crackers, explosions or gunfire can cause a severe vertiginous episode and lead to permanant deafness if ear plugs and head phones, or noise canceling devices are not worn..The delicate balance system is in your

    inner ear, and anything changing the two fluid sacs of the perilymph and endolymph can cause tunnitus, (ringing in ear), dizziness or extreme disabling vertigo. Sodium, low salt diet ought to be implementef and avoidance of caffeine, and alcohol as well as all added table salt ceased to avoid permanant hearing damage. Also hormone imbalance,allergies stress, and barometric pressure from weather changes can also yrigger episodes, and no amount of garlic tea will change this. No balance exercises removing ear crysyals will help either. The Chinese have used ginger for centuries to remove or aid nausea associated with vertigo attacks. And Menieres patients can find great relief from the nausea by consuming ginger available in various forms.
    Also brain, ear tumors can cause the same symptoms of vertigo and a m.r.i.should be done to rule out.
    An Ear Nose and throat specializing in treating balance and Menieres disease can easily assist in diagnosis.

    • The ginger in the tea would definitely help but not permanantly solve the vertigo issue if its an inner ear problem..
      The ginger only temporary effect of helping the nausea go away. Hence why airlines have been serving gingerale for decades for quesy, motion sickness related passengers. Bonamine or antivert, or meclazine have same effect but also have side effect of inducing sleepiness. So some Meniere’s syndrome patients will use to sleep off their nausea from the vertigo. Ginger has great effect of assisting to resolve the vertigo, with no side effect of drowsiness. Hence ginger tea, or dried ginger sold in various forms will help sufferers of nausea from vertigo greatly, but only temporarily. Will not cure an inner ear disease.

  3. I’ve been using threelac for over 10 years to fight candida.I’ve also tried all the herbs that claim to fight colon vermin.None of those have worked and have cost me a fortune. Threelac is expensive up front bandit doesn’t work overnight.It usualy takes 2-3 weekss before you start feeling results.You can stop taking it but i;ll be back in 4-5 months. If you take one packet a day after it’s under control it will fight it’s return. Stay away from sugar as much as possible.

  4. Oh I am so going to try this as my vertigo is not good at the moment. I have noticed that it gets worse when I do the “coconut oil mouth swish” and had to stop using coconut oil first thing in the morning.
    Funny enough I have noticed that coffee makes it worse 🙁
    Going to try the ginger and garlic tea as I am keen to be feeling healthy again and sleeping without waking up to vertigo episodes.

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