Can Exercise Reduce Candida?

This question was asked of me recently so I thought i would do a post on the matter. Can Exercise Reduce Candida?

To answer this question properly I thought i would go through my experience with Candida and how i dealt with it. Exercise was definitely a part of it. How much is what i will go into detail in a moment. First of all lets look at what exercise does on a bigger scale.

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle other than diet. It gets the blood pumping. We need it like we need good food or water. When we exercise it helps our body deal with all sorts of toxins, pollution and negative aspects of life. The toxins can be eliminated by sweating as well as exercise helps keep the blood clean. It naturally boosts the immune system in any circumstance and also helps keep the body and organs at a much healthier state.

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While 30 minutes of exercise can be good as is recommended as a minimum daily by most health practices, is this enough? Is it just the same as 2 litres of water, when in reality 3 litres is much better..

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This is what i reckon, when you have Candida you really need to do the extra effort. They say 30 minutes, however now is the time to get obsessed and look at 2 hours as minimum. What i did in my circumstance was focus on Martial Arts, a style called Zen Du Kai, i spent a minimum of 3 hours a day on it most days of the week and it definitely helped reduce symptoms of Candida.

In fact i found while working out a lot, symptoms were almost Nil.. They still happened but less frequent.

So here is the plan when suffering from Candida Albicans, now is the time to focus on 2 hours minimum of exercise. Become obsessed in other words. Get Fit. And now is not the time to choose walking, while walking is good, walking does not make one sweat much. Jog or Run or work out or do a sport. Anything to get you as active as you can be..

After that, see how you feel..?

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  1. For me exercise makes all my symptoms go away completely. I’m beginning to doubt candida being the cause of my stomach issues. 2 hours a day? I don’t know where you find the time.

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