Yeast Infection No More – Review

Do you suffer from Candida or Yeast infection.? If so, one of  My Candida Cleanse recommended products is Yeast Infection No More by Linda Allen.

“Linda really has a easy way of laying out the information on how to get rid of your version of Candida really fast.”

First of all before i go any further, i have to say there are many versions of yeast infection but all of which are related to the same issue. If you suffer from yeast infection, thrush, IBS or Candida this book of Linda’s will help.

About Linda Allen

Linda Allen is a Medical Researcher, Nutritionist, Health Consultant and previous Candida yeast infection sufferer herself from California. Over the past 12 years, through a long process of trial and error and experimentation (testing) she  developed a good , 100% guaranteed, clinically researched yeast infection fighter system that is backed by 35,000+ hours of nutritional expertise for eliminating yeast infection for good.

Yeast Infection No More – The Product Review

The E-Book by Linda Allen is well written and jam packed full of information. My version is the second edition and its around 237 pages long. Reading is easy partly because the font is fairly big for those with sensitive eyes.

The focus of the ebook is to get rid of yeast infections by getting rid of the starting cause of the yeast infection. She doesn’t promise a overnight get quick fix for Candida but offers the Real Deal for those sufferers..

What i mean by the starting cause or root cause is what is causing your yeast infection.. Is it your immunity and which part is the yeast infection attacking in your system.? By understanding these elements which Yeast Infection No More details we can better work out how to fight it with certain foods, modifying the diet right and herbs.

You see knowing you have a yeast infection is just the beginning to getting rid of the issue, we also need to know how to treat your case as best as possible. It is easy to just generalise, but when it comes to candida or yeast infection it is best to get it right the first time. And this book will help..

Please understand that for this book to fully help you with your yeast infection one must modify there eating habits to get the results they want.. I am sure if you are reading this you already understand this, however i wanted to advise this one again..

Her book (Yeast Infection No More) details 5  elements which which to me are very crucial – Root or starting causes of yeast infection, what causes your symptoms to happen?, Diagnosing the yeast infection for more specific application, Many relief plans and various ways to boost your immune system while going through these symptoms..

In Linda Allen’s book she details a 12 hour yeast infection relief plan that works great.

Lastly and most important to all you yeast infection sufferers is how to KILL it..!!!

This involves many elements including lifestyle, stress and diet change. Each of which is detailed in her concise book.

Yeast Infection No More – Video Review

By Yeast Infection No More


By Rod Phillips

Yeast Infection No More – Testimonies

Her product is well and truly also backed up by many success testimonies which can be viewed on the main Yeast Infection No More page now if you want.

In conclusion after reading the book by Linda i am sure you will be more of an expert on how to deal with yeast infection or candida. Okay, so that is my review… I hope you found my review more helpful on deciding to purchase this product. If you have used or read the book yourself consider leaving your honest review in the comment section below.

For more information on the yeast fighter book by Linda Allen or to purchase simply click here to see more..

12 thoughts on “Yeast Infection No More – Review

  1. Nice site with helpful information. I have been researching how to get natural remedies for yeast infections. Finding good information about candida and yeast infections can be tough. I search all over the internet to find good content and good products.

  2. Hey Timon,
    I purchased the book Yeast Infection No More a week ago from your website and wanted to leave some feedback on the book. I have been battling candida for a couple of years and with the help of this book and your blog it has allowed me to get on top of my candida in the last week. I am very grateful for the recommendation and will return regular to your site for more updates on candida tips.. Thanks..


  3. I have IBS and had a lot of bloating and gas. The first few days I took the Lady Soma Candida product, I thought I was going to die. It made me nauseous and have diarrhea, but that was just the detox symptoms. They soon cleared, and I noticed I had less bloat and gas. I did the product 3 times a day for a little over a month and felt great. I have no bloating and have hardly any craving for sweets. I now take the product about one time a day for maintenance. Highly recommend this one.

  4. Thanks so much Timon for recommending this amazing guide book, it has well and truly go me back on my way to a healthier me. I recommend it to all..

  5. Hi All,
    If you like Linda’s book, you will love my book called Candida Crusher. I’ve been a naturopathic doc for 25 years and have treated over 15,000 cases of yeast infection, predominantly in women, but also in men and children. I expect that my 718 page book (which took three years to write), to one day be the leading online book on this all too common problem. The diet and nutrition chapter is almost as thick as Linda’s entire book. There is much unique information in Candida Crusher that you will not find in ANY other candida book. Try it, 60 day money back guarantee, although we have only refunded very few of the hundreds who have purchased.

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