Why Fresher is Better When it Comes to Diet?

Have you ever heard the saying, the fresher the better when it comes to what we eat and our food. This is so true when you have any form of food sensitivity such as candida or yeast infections. So what is about these types of foods that creates an issue..?

  1. Firstly fresh food is full of so many nutrients which will help boost the immune system, where as with less fresh fruit and veges a lot of the good vitamins and minerals are less including vital
    immune boosting vitamins.
  2. Fresh food is fresh so there is no risk of mold in your food. This may not be the case with food that has been sitting, small amounts of mold or yeast maybe forming which is not good for any type of yeast infection. This is particularly noticeable on the potato family so fresh is key..
  3. Fresh food contains enzymes, where as non fresh food has very little or none at all.. Enzymes aid digestion.
  4. Fresh food is best because that is what nature intended before the technology age came around and refrigerators came into play. Now every thing can be frozen or put in cans, etc, etc..
  5. Important omega vitamins remain in fresh food.
  6. Research has shown that those that eat high amounts of processed foods risk heart disease or obesity whereas those that are brought up on fresh produce can live to very long periods of time with less chance of illness, disease or even cancer.


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