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Hey everyone, my name is Timon Weller, this is a new blog of mine. This time focused on the health condition of Candida Albicans. The reason for me blogging about this condition is i suffered from this condition for many years when i was younger and so wanted to show the many ways to help remove it or to reduce the symptoms of it.

“Candida took over nearly two years of my life.. Felt sick all over.. For the first year the doctors did not think anything was wrong with me, then luckily after going to a specialist Chronic Candida was discovered in my tests. After which a long road of recovery began. Some things in diet helped more than others and some products worked better than others..”

Candida really is a pain and it can really take over your life. It can go from being mild to finding it difficult to even get out of bed. In worst case scenarios when doctors do not recognise it, it can even make one suicidal. So this is where this blog comes in. I hope i can help bring more understanding to this condition so if you have it you can get on top of it and get on with your life.

My main overall focus here will be to go over every known or unknown alternative treatment. While all sufferers of Candida know there are many drug applications for the illness, many also know these tend to not really work. Can even make one more sick or the Candida even worse.. I know as I tried many types of medications as well..

That is because Candida is a condition where lifestyle and diet change is needed.. And that’s where this blog can help..

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