The Three Step Candida Cleanse

Okay in this post i will go over a basic three step plan to help cleanse you of candida fast. This plan is not easy for those of you that love to indulge in nasty food groups or drinks.

This post is for those of you that are serious about cleansing themselves of candida for good.. I like to call this plan the Three Step Candida Cleanse.

Step 1 – Candida Cleanse


First of all, diet is key.. Eat mainly alkaline food groups and low amounts of fatty or sugary foods.. Now is the time to drastically change your diet.. Eat many foods like salads, low sugar fruits and proteins. Keep away from anything that has high amounts of carbohydrates. This turns into sugar and feeds yeast.. Yes that is right, no breads or pasta okay..

A good example of a good Candida diet is a salad with chicken or fish or egg. Protein and vegetables.. This is Candida’s worst nightmare..

Step 2 – Candida Cleanse

Drink water okay.. None of this processed crap that exists out there.. Just pure water.. If you like take vitamin c with the water or echinacea to help boost it more.. When i say water, i mean at least 2 litres of quality water a day, 2 litres at least okay and have it near you when needed.. Water is very healing and will help lesson appetite which is important on a candida cleanse.. Eat well and drink well.. No beer or alcohols okay.. This will mean you have to start all over again at step 1.. I know beer is nice on a hard day at work, but really is it worth the symptoms of Candida again.. Oh man..

Step 3 – Candida Cleanse

In step three, i want you to focus on regular non stressful exercise. Candida is hard on the body so now you need to boost it with regular exercise.. No lazy days for those wanting to get rid on candida now..

I suggest a relaxing jog, and build up your fitness level.. Do not, i stress over exert yourself, build up your exercise level to what you can handle.. This will really piss off any candida bacteria inside you and help sweat away toxins..

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