The Eat Less Candida Diet

Simple concept really this one. Another way i found to help combat Candida was with a good diet. While diet is the key, how much one eats plays a big role as well. Not many ponder on this one. Consider trying to eat smaller meals (eat less) and see how you feel.

Below is a some basic way of looking at it including diet ideas to reduce Candida Albicans Symptoms.

The Eat Less and Reduce Candida Diet..


Breakfast –

  • Low sugar fruits – Small amount of mixed low sugar fruits..
  • Plenty of water
  • Egg Salad – One egg rather than two and green salad. Light and stillĀ  good..

Lunch –

  • Small Salad with protein (egg or chicken)
  • A apple
  • Fresh Coconut Juice

Dinner –

  • Low Carb Dinner of Mainly Protein Based food and Veges (or salad..)

With that all in mind, try to eat slowly as well and to the level of satisfied but not full.

This will reduce the amount of symptoms by starving the body of what Candida Infection needs to survive.. After a few days see how you feel.

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