Top Ten Foods You Must Avoid When You Have Candida

If you are new here you may want to check out my recommended Strict Diet before reading this post, that way you can get a better idea of what you can eat and what you can’t overall. Below I will ten of the top foods that if you have Candida are the must not foods. These types of foods will always produce the worst reactions in anyone with Candida and will also make it very hard to get rid of the condition.

If you consume any of these foods below then I recommend stopping it because all it will do is postpone your condition or even make it worse.

Top Ten Foods You Must Avoid – Candida No No Foods…

Organized by the what i consider the worst food first by reaction and degree of avoidance when you have Candida

Albicans (systemic or thrush).

  1. Vegemite – This is one of worst foods because it consists of is a yeast extract. If you are not familiar with this food, it is one of the most popular food icons in Australia and is consumed mostly there. The food is a salty based paste that is full of yeasts and a list of related vitamins that yeast extract provides. If you have candida you must not eat this food EVER.. Avoid it.
  2. Mushrooms – Mushrooms seem like a healthy option but all they are fungus which can make you have some of the worst candida reactions. Avoid it as a must. If you are sensitive to getting to recurrent candida avoid it for life.
  3. Msg – Mono Sodium Glutamate should be avoided by all but in case of candida should be avoided even more. This is what i like to call heart attack food, it can raise blood pressure, cause anxiety issues and all sorts of health problems.. There even is a link to it causing bowel and stomach cancer. Avoid it always whether you have candida or not.. It also lowers the immune system which triggers bigger candida attacks.
  4. White Bread – White bread in general is hard to digest and because of it’s high east content should be avoided by those with candida even when they have it under control.
  5. Sugar – Sugar in general should be avoided and so it is a must not have food. The only sugars which are okay are sugars from within fruits and even these should be avoided in the early days of candida control. If you see sugar in a product avoid it at all costs. Sugar is a loved food by candida and hours later you will regret it. For days one bit of sugar you will notice.. There are many sugar alternatives to choose from.
  6. Soy Sauce – Ouch, soy sauce is a big no no and one you want to avoid, it is packed full or fermented soy and yeasts and in some even contains mushroom as well. It can cause really bad reactions to those that have candida.
  7. Fish Sauce – Another big no no, I learnt this one the hard way with a trip to the hospital so avoid it at all costs. Fish sauce is made from fermented and moldy fish parts, generally the heads and bones and so is a general all round no no when it comes to health.
  8. Cheese – Unless it is a goats cheese this should be avoided or used in moderation.
  9. Cake and Biscuits – This is a big no no and must be avoided because it contains yeast ( not always ), sugar and flour. Each of which can contribute to making candida worse.
  10. Fruit Juices – Unless they are 100% freshly made in front of you they are generally all moldy and would therefore contain yeasts and fermented sugars. If you really want a fresh juice buy a juicer and do it the real way. This way you will know what quality of fruit or vegetable you use and know it is always fresh.

Avoiding Food

Overall avoiding food that makes candida worse is part of a good all round candida diet, by focusing on avoiding these as well, a lot of people will find that after a few months there health will overall start to improve a lot better.You may even find that one of the must not have foods was your major cause to your problem to begin with and with the adjustments in lifestyle and change it may be enough.

Recommended Supplements For Candida

As like avoiding the must not have foods, there are always supplements that one should take as well during this process as well with any candida diet. The two supplements I recommend the most are candex which is a powerful enzyme and Threelac which is a powerful probiotic.

By taking these as well as doing the strict candida diet and avoiding the must not have foods above you can really help get candida under control.

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Foods You Must Avoid When You Have Candida

  1. Hi, I’m just curious about the reasons for avoiding vegemite. How does a preparation made from brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces spp.) contribute to Candida albicans overgrowth?

    • I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that it’s kind of like saying you need to avoid probiotic yoghurt if you have strep throat.

    • Vegemite is Yeast Extract and so is the number one cause of Candida. Candida is a condition of too much yeast in the body to the extent that it creates an infection in the bowels causing all sorts of symptoms including common known issues such as thrush, digestive issues, reflux, etc..

      • Well I’m going to be candid (pardon the pun) and mention that I just got over a week-long mild bout of thrush (of the ladies’ variety, associated with mild GI symptoms) while eating Vegemite on toast every morning (as we do, in Aus).

        As a microbiologist, I would appreciate links to evidence that consuming one genus of yeast (mostly, if not entirely, dead from the high salt concentration in Vegemite) contributes to the overgrowth in the body of a different genus of yeast.

        • Hey Andrea,
          I know from my own personal experience, having suffered from Candida on and off three times in my life. Each time ignored by doctors and so after a while you have to make your own assessment. Once going to a specialist in Candida or Allergies Specialist getting a diagnosis is not hard as well. As for Vegemite, this we all learn from trial and error. Eating it, so to speak.. It is a common to give thrush as you noticed above, what is thrush? Thrush is candida, yeast overgrowth in that area of the body. How did it get there, it got there from being passed through the urinary tract. Candida can go anywhere. In fact most doctors should if you ask me not even have a doctors degree, not all because some are aware of candida but most are not. Most are ignorant of this most common cause of health problems in our modern time. So many more health issues worldwide could be solved by just them recognizing it.

          Thus comes to the debate. They ignore it because Candida is already in the body. Like that means it is harmless when there is too much. The problem lies in the individual, some peoples bowel and stomach enzymes ( and digestive juices ) will keep it under control. However for another large percentage of us it gets out of control especially if we eat too much yeast or sugar. Thus common problems like thrush..

          There are many books written by famous doctors on the subject of Candida. In some countries it is recognized fully. I am from Australia as well, where still some basic medical discoveries are ignored by most doctors.

          Anyways, books to read are –

          1. The Yeast Connection
          2. Cancer is a Fungus
          3. The Yeast Syndrome

          There are many more but these are some i have read in the past as well as having suffered from the condition myself in the past. Good luck. 🙂

  2. Is it okay if i have a cup of coffee with cow’s milk without sugar everyday? i’m already taking candex and threelac everyday.I use to hAVE WHITE coating in tounge but no more now after taking candex with threelac.

    • Hey Somashana,
      If you are going to have milk make sure it is hormone free and organic, that way it will not be so bad.. Coffee can also flare up Candida see keep intake low as well, also make sure it is good coffee, organic as well.. Candida is caused partly by storing of chemicals in the body until Candida can thrive, chemicals that are in non organic products can flare it back up again.. As an alternative if you find milk is effecting you, you can try Soy Milk, however make sure to get non GE and organic with that as well..

  3. Can you suggest me a brand of stevia which tastes nearly like suger? the stevia that i consume now with coffee tastes horrible.

  4. Hi Timon.Thanks for the suggestion. I’m taking threelac and candex for 2 months now. I dont have any cravings for sugar or white coating on my tongue anymore. How long do i need to continue this treatment? Can you give any suggestion for a powerful probiotic which can increase digestion? I think poor digestion is the root cause for my candida infection.

  5. Candida is only part of the problem. Once you fix the devistige issues, the Candida problem will resolve on? it’s own. Yes, I am back to 100% digestion with Candida under control, and I can eat as I please. The major issue is healing the Leaky Gut Syndrome, while taking Threelac, and also performing several Liver Flushes, which removed the cholesterol stones which were preventing the flow of bile and proper digestion. Hope this helps!

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