What Must You Do Once You Have Gotten Rid of Candida?

There are so many articles on the internet these days focused on what to do to get rid of Candida, however so many of these articles never focus on the next important issue. That is what do you do once the symptoms are gone.. Do you go back to your old diet or do you be more careful.

The truth is Candida can come back and the truth is it can come back fast so there are a number of measures you should stick by. Each measure i divide into categories of influence.

Firstly, Stay Away From Yeast

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Firstly always eat low yeast foods, even better avoid yeast now for the rest of your life, this includes cutting out beer, avoiding yeast based breads and all those nasties. Instead focus on the food groups which are healthy that you enjoy, if you enjoy salad wraps then make that a daily occurrence, if you enjoy a nice cup hot Dandelion make that a daily ritual. Do whatever you enjoy with a few bonuses along the way.

Occasionally Eat Food Groups that You Were Restricted Of, But Be Careful

What do i mean by bonuses, i mean by bonuses that it does not matter if you have one yeast based sandwich every now and then, it does not matter if you have a little sugar every now and then, however these are what i like to call the reduction group, they are never anything you should take on again as part of a diet plan. Instead use the sugar supplements such as honey in moderation or sweet fruit in moderation.

Become the Healthy Candida Free Person

This is you now, you should embrace it as you, you are different to others once you have had Candida before, now you need to be health conscious, no more wild days eating yeasty pizza, of drinking a carton of beer and thinking it will be okay. You know it will not. Instead change to Red Wine which has some anti fungal properties if you need a drink. Make yourself who you are based on who you have to be, trust me once you make that full change you will ever wonder how Candida ever took took control in the first place.

These are the phrases i like to use to keep myself in line to be Candida Free:

  1. I don’t like Pizza
  2. I don’t like Beer – Not a Beer Drinker
  3. I don’t like Soy Sauce
  4. I don’t like Fish Sauce
  5. I don’t like sweet things, i prefer savoury
  6. I love salad
  7. I love chicken
  8. I love Yeast Free Bread – I love to make it as well
  9. I love Salad wraps
  10. I love a yeast free Sandwich

Foods that you should eat regular are Garlic, Chilli ( depending on your type of Candida ), Ginger, Aloe Vera with a regular doss of good probiotics ( Threelac ) or Candex ( A Powerful Enzyme that eats Candida formations ). Or even better use them all together as a good healthy routine.

Becoming Candida Free Forever..

Threelac helps keep one candida freeOkay this is you, the way you should think now, the safe you, the you that will avoid getting Candida again as long as you follow this likes and don’t likes, make these your opinion on something, i tell you what, it is a lot better than thinking i can’t eat all these, that is demoralizing and makes one frustrated. Instead change to a person that these foods are what you enjoy and certain foods you do not enjoy, become this healthy choice and Candida has little to no way of coming back..

On another note always avoid Anti-biotics at all costs, when your doctor says for you to take them ask them what will happen if i do not. A lot of conditions do not need anti-biotics and some doctors hand them out like they are a drug dealer, this is worth being cautious of. If however they are needed of course use them..

So inclusion who are you, you are a health conscious Candida free individual that can get on with your life. Lay back relax and enjoy it as it can be this way as long you are are willing to always be the new you.

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