Improving Digestion Naturally for those with Candida

Digestion is such an important aspect of most conditions or health problems. Candida is certainly no different. However like the diet we all need to focus on improving our digestion as well as a key factor on getting better. Below are some significant ways to do so.

7 Tips For the Day:

    1. Eat More Slowly – This has to said time and time again as eating to fast can dramatically make it difficult for the body to digest anything. Especially said if you eat meat or any highly processed. Try this instead next time if you fall into this category. Try taking 3 to f our breaths after each mouthful and chew at least 15 to twenty time each mouthful as well. Lifestyle can make us think we have to be fast when we eat however this little change allows the body to absorb more vitamins from food and feel healthier because of it.
    2. More Fiber – This one can’t be said enough either, Include lots of oats, psyllium husks or Chia seeds in your diet plan. They are full of fiber and thus will help you pass at least two times a day. This is essential for all those with Candida as well.
    3. Use Probiotics – Probiotics such as natural yogurt, Threelac or similar are all good for digestion. They will help reduce bad bacteria in the gut thus improving over all health.
    4. Eat More Alkaline and Less Acid – You will thank me later on this one, simply by eating more alkaline foods like veges and low sugar fruits will almost instantly improve health and digestion.
    5. Eat More Frequently, But Less – This is a recommendation by many naturapaths and food experts, not only for improving health, but also helping with weight loss and a number of other conditions. Try having 6 small meals rather than three big and see how you feel.
    6. Reduce Stress – Oh boy, this is a factor that effects everything. Did you know that when most people stress they target that stress mentally straight to the stomach and bowel area. This is not good for health at all, try taking time out from your life occasionally to de-stress and unwind. The body will thank for it.
    7. Lastly as my last tip of the day is to Exercise regularly – This will help keep the bodies circulation going well which in turn helps all aspects of the body.


By adding all these to you daily routine and lifestyle, I am sure you will notice a great improvement, not only in health, but in many factors of your life. Good luck to us all having healthier bodies.

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