How Long Does Candida Last?

Another question came in today from a reader and I believe it is a good one. The reader asked the simple question that they have had candida for over a year now and how long do they expect Candida to last for? And secondly once it is gone can it come back?

These two questions are good and firstly i have answered the second one already in my recent post what to do once Candida has gone away. So for those wondering on that read that post. Now back to the first question, this is something that can’t be answered easily as everyone is a bit different. From my own personal experience below are the common levels and stages of Candida removal.

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Common Stages of Healingcommon candida stages

  1. After first month on diet, relief and feeling better a little but still susceptible to symptoms and allergies.
  2. Second month much the same however you will notice that symptoms will be less and less and allergies will be much less as well.
  3. On the third month you may feel like it is all over however a bout here and there will still come every now and then so going off the diet is not recommended. This stage is usually the trick stage and it is easy to think all is clear and then go off the diet to find it coming back next month. This month is a good month but still not fully clear.
  4. Fourth month you should feel great and cleansed however you have now finally got on top of your condition, this is a time to enjoy this moment and not to quickly change back to your old ways. In fact you should never go back fully to your old diet and ways as this is what caused your Candida in the first place.
  5. Fifth month is where you can become less rigid however now stick to a well balanced diet and avoid foods with high yeast. A small amount of yeast should be fine but overdoing it could result in this condition coming back which you do not want.

After the fifth month you truly are on your own, you should feel better and as long as you are living a healthy lifestyle your life should get back on track. Things to also consider during these stages and to help speed up the whole process is including strong Probiotics in your diet, including Raw Garlic in your daily diet, using Threelac, using Candex and taking daily multivitamins. These are all important to help boost the immune system during these times of body stress as well as reduce allergies which are the worst symptoms of this condition.

A second aid as well is improving digestion with the use of high fiber substances. Some good examples include Psyllium Husks and Chia Seeds. Fiber will essentially help you go to the toilet more frequently and also help you clear yourself better. In doing so it can also help clear the bowels of candida as well better.

So overall all of these combinations combined with the strict diet are effective in this process. However with that being said and answered this does not mean you are fully clear, you will always throughout your whole life unfortunately a weakness to this condition so it will be something you will always need to be aware of even when you are completely candida free that it could always come back if you let yourself go back to your old ways before it started to form. This is something that we all that have had this condition need to conquer in order to understand ourselves better and how our own personal body works as well.

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