Horopito Extract – Natural Anti Candida Product

horopito extractLooking for another great product to add to the arsenal to fight Candida other than Threelac or Candex? Well, if so Horopito Extract is a great option. Recently a had mild flare up of Candida come on me and I was urged by others in the Candida community to try this product to see how it worked.

Well, I actually took it for over a month and yes I found it quite effective against Candida, within a few days I found myself feeling much clearer and absolutely no bloated feeling which is a common symptom of the Candida infection.

So overall I found it quite fast acting and I am sure if combined with other anti fungals would be a great defense to others.

The main company that makes and produces Horopito Extract is a company called Kolorex located in New Zealand.. It is a native product to that country and has a long history of traditional use, one being its powerful anti inflammatory properties.

For peoples convenience the extract is available in pill gel capsule form and only one is needed daily to keep candida in control. One of the most affordable places to buy online is from amazon. To buy or find out more on the product click here.

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Overall I give the product a high rating as it is easy to take, very affordable and fast working. I myself noticed no die off symptoms, however if you do get them, i recommend taking one pill every second day until your body adjusts.