Ginger Helps Ease Candida

In this post i wanted to discuss the benefits of the root known as Ginger. Not only is it a great spice, root and food, research indicates it can also help reduce and ease the symptoms of Candida.

Yes that’s right the root has many benefits – one being easing digestion, another being anti fungal (important with Candida) and another being its health benefits in the diet. Overall it really is a beneficial aid for everyone. However this one i want to focus on its anti Candida benefits. This mainly lies in its easing digestion benefits with its built in anti fungal benefits. While it may not get rid of Candida all together combined with a lot of other Candida Killer foods is a great aid. A great example of this is a green Vege and egg (or tofu) stir fry using coconut oil and freshly chopped Ginger.. Wolla on fresh cooked rice and you have a great Candida reducer..


Some Benefits of Ginger:

  • Digestion Aid
  • Anti Fungal
  • Bacteria Killer
  • Nausea Reducer
  • Helps Reduce Headaches
  • Clear throat
  • Reduce Flu Symptoms
  • Reduces Candida Symptoms associated with Digestion
  • Many More..

Ginger, Ginger, All Over…

Another tip that i think many will be interested in with ginger is it can be used in the bath as well. While this is not accredited to removing Candida, many Candida sufferers such as myself found it very relaxing and easing of any discomfort associated with Candida.

To use Ginger in the bath, simply chop about 50 to 100 grams up and put in a stocking and tie off. Then simply tie below the tap and let the warm or hot water run over it. By the end of running the bath, the aroma is amazing. Does it smell like a Ginger Tea? If so, good…

Simply get in, enjoy and relax. For a bit of added benefit, add some Epsom Salts to boost it up as well giving you much needed magnesium (magnesium good for the heart) as well..

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