Foods & Drinks That Cause Candida Albicans

In this post I wanted to list some possible causes for creating an environment where Candida can flourish. To some it may not cause Candida directly, however these types of food put you in the high risk category. These foods or drinks by themselves can be completely fine, however if more than one combo is common be careful. We can all get a Candida infection remember…

Foods and Drinks to be Careful of..

  • Vegemite (Yeast Extract)
  • Mushrooms (Fungus)
  • Beer (brewed yeast)
  • High bread diet
  • High doses of sugar
  • Non Fresh Veges and Fruits (fruits and veges carry mould on there surfaces if they are not fresh. These can lead the the development of Candida.  Peeling as well may not help. )
  • Peanuts and most nuts ( Most nuts that are not 100% fresh have mould all over them. this mould can cause Candida.)vegemite

Like I said above, you have to decide whether you are in the risk category or if you are abusing these foods or drinks above. If you are, maybe taper off on the combinations to lesson the chance of infection.

To the left is an image of a fresh Apple, a fruit commonly okay in a Candida diet and is also good with re-flux.

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