Eliminating Candida with Fasting

Other than going on a specific diet, one that wants to get rid of Candida in another way can choose to go another route. That other way is fasting. While often ignored fasting is one of the most effective ways of eliminating toxins and bad bacteria in the body.

This in turn can be a very effective way of getting on top of candida very fast as well.

…In fact fasting has been related to many health benefits however it is always recommend to ask your doctor before starting any rigid low eating diet.

Now, what one needs to be aware of when fasting is ensuring it is safe for your body. You may want to consult your doctor and if issues you may want to consider doing a minor fast first to test the limits of the body.

What do I mean by mild fast, well a proper fast can be done as much as 21 days. For a minor fast one would do only 3 days. Then after completing a 3 day fast, you may later want to consider one week and so forth.

Please be aware going 21 days without food is not safe without supervision for experienced doctors or nutritionists.

In the video Above Loren Lockman goes over the benefits of fasting and how it can get rid of yeast and candida problems.

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