Echinacea Helps Reduce Candida

One product that should be part a Candida routine is Echinacea. That is because Echinacea naturally boosts the immune system, a function dramatically lowered by the the Candida Albicans infection.

For me myself personally it was not a total solution, however there was a difference when taken, in fact i found my energy levels were higher and days were a lot less symptom full.. What I recommend is using the 5000 mg therapeutic dose available at most supermarkets in Australia and most western countries. (If you do not have it there try a health food shop or chemist for the solution or buy online.)


The recommended dose on the box is for 2 to 3 tablets a day, however i find four a day is fine separated by a three or four hours between tablets. It really depends on your immune level and tolerance. In extreme Candida sufferers the more the better may be right for you, however for those on the opposite side then the standard dose will suffice. If you are unsure contact your health provider or naturopath for advice..

Echinacea is Natural.. Which means Natural Healing..

One thing to note is the Echinacea product is a herbal product consisting mainly of its powerful healing flower. Whether or not it’s the most powerful healer when it comes to the immune system only future science and research will tell, however for those taking the supplement or drinking the tea the effects are almost straight away. Clearing the mind and lightening the bodies ailments. Used throughout history to heal and aid many ailments.. Candida is another.. I recommend it, try it and see how it goes..

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