Could Your House Be Making You Sick?

Your house is where you are mostly so it only makes sense that if you are becoming sick that it also could be a potential reason for this being the case.

The same goes with Candida or any form of Yeast Infection, your house can actually be causing it or even worse making your condition worse and worse.

When it comes to Candida or any form of illness or allergy it is always so easy to blame the food, but what about if it was only a partial cause. What if what was in your room, in your house or in your bed was causing your problem. Below is some questions and answers you need to ask yourself. Each one containing a solution to the problem as well.

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All of which relate to Candida and Yeast Infections so make sure to take note of all that apply.

  1. How old is your bed? Has it ever gotten wet? Does it smell damp. If so, there may actually be mold inside your bed. That air borne mold may be breathed in at night thus causing and maintaining any candida problems you may have.
  2. How about your pillow? Is it clean? Has it been changed in the last year? Is it hypoallergenic.
  3. What about your walls in your house. Is there any black marks where it may indicate mold? Look in the bathroom, or even in the attic or basement, can you smell mold anywhere. If so you will probably want to get a mold killer on it like Apple Cider Vinegar or similar. Mold in houses can cause all sorts of health issues.
  4. Where are the chemicals? In any way there should be no chemicals ever in the house. These should all be kept away or outside. If you suffer from Candida this is one of the most important rules, chemicals are irritants of the body and not to mention are linked to so many types of Cancers as well.
  5. Check your floors, are they cement based or wooden based? If they are wooden based there might actually be large amounts of mold under your floor boards, this mold then drifts up, you then breath it in causing all sorts of shortness of breath or Asthma. If this could be the case, you may want to get them checked.
  6. Dusty settings? By making sure everything is is as dust free as possible you can dramatically improve health overall. If you could imagine how much of this stuff you breath in everyday you would be very surprised.

Overall it is about assessing possible causes. If for some reason you feel that it may be something else that in causing it around your house then fixing this could really improve your overall health. Its amazing as well, to one person they may feel nothing, to another it may cause all sorts of problems.

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