Coconut Oil for Candida

Have you ever tried virgin edible grade coconut oil? If not, that is okay, the good news is if you suffer from Candida, then this is a great addition to any diet.

Benefits of Coconut Oil on Candida

Some of the many benefits coconut oil has on candida is it’s natural anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. It is also great for the immune system, a high energy food and can help reduce bad cholesterol. Because of it’s natural anti fungal properties, it will help in the elimination of candida parasites.

“Simply add some virgin coconut oil (one teaspoon) to one’s diet, drink or even add a small amount to water. The best thing is it tastes good as well..”

coconutAt first when coconut oil was looked at by scientists and doctors it was believed to be a bad saturated oil. Then in time as coconut was evaluated further they realised the oil was not absorbed in that way by the body. Instead the oil is turned into energy unlike other saturated oils and then eliminated before it becomes a bad oil. Basically said the oil does it’s healing job for the body first, then what is not needed the body removes. (You pass i mean).

Things to consider when using Coconut Oil for candida are that it will produce quick die off symptoms. This is where the anti fungal properties help eliminate the candida parasite quickly and in response they release toxins into the bloodstream. In a way the first time use of coconut oil will consist of some nasty candida symptoms. Do not worry, this is good. In order to limit the reaction simply use a very small amount the first day and build up slowly to at least two teaspoons a day in your diet.

My Experience with Virgin Coconut Oil

A couple of weeks back my candida returned, I had heard of what coconut oil could do so I went out to a distributor and bought
some. (Around $7.00 dollars for 1 liter). I had been experiencing some bad candida symptoms for a couple of weeks so i wanted to start treating it straight away and naturally. I was at a noodle shop after purchasing and thought, why not try some now before eating and see how I feel. A few moments after trying a small amount of say half a teaspoon, I felt a candida reaction. I started sweating mildly, started feeling high levels of energy and started getting that candida fogginess that happens almost straight away. Almost to the point I felt like I wanted to lie down. I fought it off, ate my noodles and went  home. That night was tough, I did not really feel that sick, just felt uneasy, not tired in a way like a massive quick detox. My body was in shock in a way, but I could feel something working.

When I woke up the next day, I could feel the difference. Even though I could feel I still had candida, I knew I had trumped it yesterday (felt a bit better) and it was weaker. Before breakfast I had another nice swig of coconut oil, it tastes great so do not worry about the taste. By the end of the day, i felt a lot better. I wont say candida is gone completely and even two weeks later it is not fully conquered however I know now that I am in charge and I have an added defense. All I need now is a extra boost from say a good pro biotic such as Threelac and my candida fight will be over, I am sure. If you have not tried coconut oil before, I highly recommend it.

The one to buy is virgin coconut oil (edible grade). Another aspect you may want to hear, is my fogginess that candida causes went within a few days after the die off period stopped.

How to Take Virgin Coconut Oil for Candida?

What I recommend is at least two teaspoons a day as well as using in cooking. Cooking has two benefits, it adds a anti fungal property to the food good to reduce candida and also tastes good. To take without adding to food you can simply put on a teaspoon and drink. As another idea mix one teaspoon to a glass of cold water, then you will have a nice cool coconut drink to enjoy.

When suffering from Candida we all need to look at what nature has to offer, it is so easy to reach for the harsh drugs and continue to pollute our bodies with junk, however in the end it is only going to happen again if we do not change out lifestyle. Candida is about change. A change for a healthier you.

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