Coconut for Candida Reduction

Coconut has many amazing health benefits. One in particular for Candida sufferers is its ability to reduce fungal infections internally. This is good news for all those adding it’s benefits to the diet.

Research has shown that coconut oil is the most beneficial out of all Coconut products as it most concentrated in the anti fungal fighting properties, however any addition of Coconut is great.

To use Coconut oil effectively simply add it to a stir fry instead of vegetable oil or oil replacement. Another good one is fresh Coconut juice, as all Candida sufferers know fresh is key.. While in the western world this can be quite hard to find fresh anything, for those in Asian countries, in particular south east Asian countries this can be very easy as i have found.


The best aspect about this nut to many is Coconut and Coconut oil tastes great, not like those many other terrible tasting Candida cures. Add it to your diet and see how it makes you feel.

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