Candida Yeast Connection

What is it about yeast..? Why do we use it, why was it created and is it really needed..? The truth is yeast is truly a useless product other than the fact it makes alcohols, breads and flours rise well. I mean why use something that can harm us to create such a basic effect.. Its like an experiment really. But what really sucks is since the major use of yeast over the last 30 years it has caused many nasty side effects, one being the result of Candida..

“Image – Active dried yeast shown in a granulated form in which yeast is commercially sold.”

Yes Candida, lets consume so much yeast that we start our own brewing factory inside of yeast that causes a multitude of yeast infections.. Does that sound like fun..? Not really but, it is easy to say, but horrible to experience..

The truth is let’s face it, yeast causes problems. We all need to see this. So what is the solution, do we ignore it or abide by it or do we make choices.. Yes that is right, i know its hard to eliminate those nasty addictive yeasty foods, but i believe you will agree the positives far out weigh the negative.. Start to reduce the intake.. Have some low sugar fruits instead for breakfast..

I know it is a hard one, society almost places it in front of us all the time, even in many biscuits or crackers, drinks, just for flavour.. Dang, sometimes yeast and sugar.. Candida heaven.. Healthy choice or a health risk, you tell me..?

The yeast connection is right in front of use..

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