Candida – The Drunken Illness

Here is an interesting one for you. In many forms of Asian medicine “Candida” is referred to as the “Drunken Illness”. Interestingly enough there is a very good reason.

As a lot of Candida sufferers are aware Candida was not a recognised illness in western medicines until the late 90’s. This does not mean in Asian medicine it was not. In fact it was recognised way back and given the nick name the Drunken Illness. The truth behind the name is interesting.


In extreme circumstances of Candida (chronic infection) some testimonies claim to be over the limit alcohol wise due to Candida, not due to drinking. In fact it goes so far as people being pulled over for drink driving and the person not drinking all day. So it appears in some circumstances Candida is almost like a home brewing system inside.As we know candida is a yeast overgrowth infection caused by too much yeast in  the bowels and allergies being formed by this infection as it progresses.

When certain yeasty or sugary food is eaten in this state, the bowels react differently than a healthy body, they almost ferment the food and cause a reaction similar in nature to producing alcohol. In many ways some of the symptoms of Candida would simply of been the fermentation causing negative effects.

That gives you something to think about hey. Is Candida in many ways like a long, long hangover..?

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  1. This is a brilliant website Timon and now I am back on-line I will look in regularly (daily) as all the information on here is excellent. This candida thing is a sure bad thing to fight and we need all the help we can get as the doctors don’t care a bit about it and just deny its existence. All down to too many antibiotics and wrong diagnoses!

  2. Hi I was wondering how long I need to use the coconut oil before I can start drinking again? I have been using it for 1 and a half weeks and am feeling a lot better!… I am also following the candida diet mostly! any good advice on this would be great :)thanks!

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