Candida Spit Test

There are many tests to diagnose Candida, however I believe the Candida Spit Test is one of the easiest. It is simply done by taking a clean glass of water and spitting in it, one spit is enough. In time you can see if many strand type root strings  are going down. This is the sign of Candida. The degree of how much strands indicates how badly one has Candida. If say only small root like strings appear then Candida is mild.

If no strings appear than Candida is not the issue and if the strands string all the way down to the bottom of the glass then watch out, it sounds like a serious case of Candida.

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The duration to string action is also a factor when looking at the glass. If it happens within minutes it means the Candida is very active in the body and if slowly over many hours it means the Candida within you is slowly active and less aggressive. Overall it is a cheap and quick way to conclude how your Candida is progressing.

What you want in the end in a good test is a very clean looking glass with little to no Candida String action.

Candida Spit Test Video

In the video above it shows how a Candida Spit Test is Conducted and how a serious case of Candida within the body looks like. As you can see within a minute the strings drop down showing the Candida in action and how fast it moves.

CANDIDA TESTING TIPS – When eliminating and trying to get rid of Candida I find the spit test is a great way to show your progression. Use it weekly to determine whether your Candida infection is getting less and less.

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