Candida Diet Recipes

Following a Candida Diet and recipe can be tough so here is the basic rundown on recipes for Candida. If your new here and are suffering from Candida consider bookmarking this page or subscribing to our rss feed via email or reader.

The Candida Diet and Recipes – Go More Basic..

Okay, so your diagnosis is Candida, so now is the time to be basic when it comes to recipes and what you eat. This does not mean be boring, just eat more basic non processed foods. You will want to eliminate everything that has been changed by factory. This includes all cheeses, breads (processed yeasty breads), sugary items, many types of canned foods, soft drinks and many more.

Instead you want to focus on your low sugar fruits, vegetables and some wholesome cooking. As a tip there are many
ingredients that can make food taste great, one being using chilli and herbs.. These are natural flavour enhancers that the earth provides so focus on these more as your arsenal of flavours.Make sure chilli is okay first, in my case it was but it may be different for each user so use with caution..


When i suffered from Candida, the diet was the hardest until i started looking at it differently. Candida Diet Recipes do not have to be boring. Use the flavours of natural foods and create meals from that. It took me a while to get it right, but finally i got there.

Here is some yummy ideas for a Candida Diet and Recipes

  1. Chicken stir fried with basil, thyme and chilli and mixed with fresh green beans and garlic. Very yummy..
  2. Egg Salad with kidney beans instead of cheese and fresh lemon juice instead of vinegar
  3. Spicy rice noodle soup with chili and fresh greens and your choice of beef or chicken
  4. Fresh baked potatoes lightly brushed with olive oil sprinkled thyme on it and crushed garlic juice sprinkled over. This one is really yummy.

So i hope you get a better idea on Candida Diet Recipes. It really is about getting back to the kitchen again and cooking lots of fresh tasty foods. I like to focus on the chilli element as i find a little really enhances the flavour and also helps to reduce my type of candida. Garlic is another enhancer that should not be ignored and it also helps naturally reduce candida as well so there is a big bonus there.

6 thoughts on “Candida Diet Recipes

  1. Hi, I’m a chronic candida sufferer who finally wants to be rid of this torture! So I’m searching many websites for information. There are many websites telling me that potatoes are not good to eat, nor are nuts and legumes – but here it’s suggested to eat coconut oil. Also chicken noodle soup? I thought noodles would be out as well.
    please help.

    • Hi Meg,
      When it comes to coconut choose the young green ones. These help with candida. As a better option go with coconut oil. This is more anti fungal and is a great candida fighter. Be careful though with first time, it can give some die off symptoms. When it comes to the noodle soup, i recommend unless your candida is mild, which yours is not going with a Low Carb option such as rice noodle, don’t go with a high carb wheat noodle. There are many low carb rice noodles. I have had the same, chronic candida. I hope these suggestions help, also have you tried Threelac? This is a special type of pro biotic that can get past the stomach acids.

      Also interesting point on potato as I have had that allergy during periods of a candida burst, but on some occasions not, I believe the allergy to the potato family depends on the person and the degree of candida.

  2. Hi Timon,

    I would like to ask you a brief question regarding Chaga Mushroom (Tea, extract, serum, cream). Since it is not recommended to eat mushrooms or other kind of fungi if someone has candida problems or recurrent fungus infection (jock itch, athlete foot, etc), how safe would it be to drink or ingest Chaga mushroom Tea, supplements or extracts? Thanks in advanced, and please, excuse my english.

    • Hey Manuel,
      With all mushrooms it is a high risk with all forms of Candida. Ever since my first experience with candida, I have never been able to eat many even after all my candida signs were removed. Chances are if you have candida then in your case it will be the same.. I would be very very careful, mushrooms or fungus usually have the highest degree of reaction in candida patients and can usually involve a trip to the hospital..

      I am not sure exactly but i believe mushrooms are what started my first case of candida in my early years..

  3. Hi Timon,

    Thanks for your blog, super helpful. Is there any relationship between jock itch and candida?


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