Candida Diet and Losing Weight

Welcome to the Candida Diet.. All fresh veges and low sugar fruits and no yeast breads and low carbs.. What does this all mean to you..? What does it mean to the body..? I will tell you what it means, it means dramatic weight loss.. Yes, all you suffering from dreaded Candida and on a Candida Diet have one thing to look forward to and that is health and weight loss.. That’s if you are overweight of course. For those of you that are not overweight well your not gonna gain weight that is for sure..

tummy weight loss

(Above – Getting on the scales..)

Losing Weight and a Candida Diet..

Anyways, a good Candida Diet and Losing Weight is a Given.. The more restrictive the diet the more weight loss can be achieved. Look at any severe case of Candida and you will see what i mean:

No Carbs
No Sweets
Low Sugars..

Ummm.. Eliminating all the foods and drinks which cause weight gain.. Other than stress of course..

Chubby… Hmmm Candida..

So what is it about Candida and forcing us all to lose weight..? Is it the bodies way of saying, hey wait on, your getting chubby now, so hello here is Candida again.. Could Candida growth and weight gain be in relation..? From what i can see it looks possible..

Not only that as a treatment for Candida a recommendation always is more exercise, drink more water and eat more fiber.. Yep yum yum, weight loss here i come.. In a way it is like the bodies forcing us to lose weight.. Maybe you have been putting off all these so now the body is like, welcome Candida.. I can’t talk because i now have had Candida twice in my life and i have to say that i would prefer it stay away from now on..

You can say to your your family if you ever have to go on a Candida Diet – “You everyone, i am gonna be losing weight in the next couple of months..”

And they may reply – “How are you going to do that..?”

And you can say – “I don’t have a choice, I am on a Candida Diet..”

A few of My Candida Prevention Tips –

A few of my tips for Keeping Candida at bay are keeping a good balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Try not to get too stressed out about things and life and smile as much as possible.. (Smiling proven to be an effective medicine).. Another one is eating more to satisfy, not to indulge (too full)..

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