Cancer is a Fungus Like Candida

After watching a video the other day on some facts about Cancer one of the most intriguing bit of news was on the discovery of what exactly cancer is and what it is like.  Dr. Simoncini explains in his new book and the short videos I add below, how he discovered an amazing cure that can actually literally get rid of certain cancers with the simple aid of Sodium Bicarbonate. Yes if you are wondering, this is the stuff in most peoples cupboards.

What is Cancer..?

So more on what is Cancer, according to Dr. Simoncini cancer is a simple fungus type tumour or growth in the body that causes harm to the individual whether in time or in the short term. It can be vicious and life threatening and kills a rediculous amount of people every year. But the is hope with Dr. Simoncini.

How to Treat Cancer According to Dr. Simoncini?

Dr. Simoncini has a simple method of treating by applying Sodium Bicarbonate, a potent natural anti fungal directly to the growth within 7 to 10 days the growth turns into a mild form of Candida which can be destroyed by the body. He reports that it is very safe in particular with easy to get to places such as breast cancer, in the bowels and places that will not cause harm applying the natural cure. He also advises that not all areas of cancer can be gotten too, however with hope he believes in the future all areas should be no problem.

What is different about Dr. Simoncini’s  work compared to others studying Cancer is he is not so much focusing on the harmful treatments to getting rid of Cancer fungus he is going back to the beginning and basics and treating it naturally. I believe, as do many, his treatments are revolutionary and his results show. Treating breast cancer and it gone in 7 days, without patient harm. How about that one..

Cancer Is A Fungus – The Book

I would recommend anyone to read this one, it explains all the ins and outs on the subject and trials and successes. It really is amazing what a neutral form of salt can do..

Why Does Sodium Bicarbonate Kill Cancer?

The theory and the results show the powerful ant fungal properties of Sodium Bicarbonate actually strip the cancer of its protective layer thus making it weak. This is because as he refers, cancer is a fungus in nature to its making, so we need to treat it as so. Then once the fungus it stripped back what is left is a Candida type thrush which within a few days heals and the Cancer is gone..


Does that Mean Candida Sufferers Should be Worried?

If you are a Candida sufferer I don’t think it is time to panic or that it indicates you are vulnerable to Cancer, however when you are a victim of Candida it is important to take it seriously and get rid of it as soon as possible that way you can keep yourself safe. In particular keep to the no sugar, no yeast diet until you feel stronger and show no signs of Candida..

To read more on the subject visit the Cancer is a Fungus product page.

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