Can One Beer Cause Candida?

Do you drink beer? If so, you may be interested in reading this post. While many may know already beer is a major contributor to the cause of candida so in this post i will reply to a reader’s question, can one beer cause candida?

About Beer Firstly

Beer is a drink consisting of fermented yeast, sugar, hops and malt. Each beer is different depending on amounts of ingredients that one uses and time of fermentation to create alcohol.. Many people from around the world enjoy beer for its intoxicating effects.

What makes beer a threat to those at risk of candida is its high yeast and sugar content. Because of this reason many candida sufferers call it candida alcohol..

So, Can One Cause Candida?beer

While this would be an unusual only cause for candida, it definitely is a contributor to any candida yeast cause. Let’s say you are heavily stressed, had been eating a lot of processed foods and a lot of high yeast or high sugar foods, one beer could certainly be enough to push one over.

To sum it up diet is the biggest cause of candida, food, drinks all of it.. When the body gets enough of the wrong balance and you are susceptible to candida then candida can start. When one is strong and eats right always one beer is usually fine and will not cause anything. In a way candida looks for a place to build. Same goes in stressful situations, candida can form partially from stress as the person is leaving themselves up to weaknesses by the bodies stress..

So in conclusion yes i believe one beer can be enough in the right bad diet situation or stressful situation. However in a stress free scenario or a person on a well balanced diet i believe it to be quite rare..

3 thoughts on “Can One Beer Cause Candida?

  1. Thanks, i read this during my candida cleanse and it deterred me from drinking a bunch of beers i’d been saving! Death to the yeasts!!

  2. Haha Thanks for explaining why my you know what is on fire, since I got oral from a heavy IPA drinker I now have a yeast infection.

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