Can Candida Kill Someone?

The question “Can Candida Kill?” was asked of me recently which i thought needed some more pondering on in a post. I have read many journals, books on Candida and they all do quote something in common. If Candida becomes chronic it can be very deadly..

As part of my story with Candida, I will go back to when i first was diagnosed with Chronic Candida. Now i totally do not have Candida, but still remember it like it was yesterday.

Before diagnosis, i was admitted to many hospitals, doctors, specialists for all types of ailments. Earaches, Fever, indigestion, cramps and lastly the worst one was shortness of breath. Yes to the point i could hardly get air in.. Shortness of breath is the worst especially when you do not know what is wrong with you..

Okay so back to my story. The Doctor that finally diagnosed me, (and my savior considering over 6 months went by without another doctor having a clue what was wrong with me..) concluded that after many tests that my Candida infection was the worst he had ever seen. Nice thing to be told, when all you want is relief..

Okay so, to cut a long story short i was diagnosed after many tests with Chronic Candida. Basically meaning a critical state of my body and how it processed anything..
It could be food, dust, pollen… anything could react.. My body basically could not deal with any more lowering of the immune system, beyond what Candida was causing..

When in private talking, he disclosed to me that in this type of serious infection without treatment, many have died. It is not like dying from Candida itself, it is what Candida can cause.. A heart attack for example or even Cancer…

Yes, Candida can KILL…

The point of what i am saying is yes Candida can kill… Even though on a doctor report it may say death by something else, immune illnesses such as Candida have ways of pushing the body in all sorts of ways.

So be careful if you have Candida, look after your self.. Get on top of what is causing it and take it very  seriously as it may save your life..

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