Can Candida Cause Anxiety?

Have you ever suffered from anxiety? If so you are probably not aware of this but a major cause could be the possibility that you have CANDIDA albicans. Yes that is right, i will stand behind this one as a major cause. You see Candida Albicans has an amazing ability to wreck and make havic to ones nervous system thus causing horrible and nasty Anxiety attacks that I do not wish on anyone.. If you are unsure what an Anxiety attack is, it is when you feel so stressed that the body goes into a form of shock where it can manifest weird thoughts, hard to relax feelings, shakiness, loss of speech, loss of feeling sometimes and many more. It really is a horrible condition.


Is There a Way to Stop the Anxiety Attacks Candida Causes?

Yes there is a way…  And there is a goal here that can get you to where you want to go. It does involve a lot of effort and a change in diet as well as lifestyle. Here goes, if you suffer from Anxiety whether it is from candida or not you must eliminate sugar and do more exercise. These two factors as well as eating good will restore it in time.

I know what you may be thinking, oh man, all sugar, well yes, the sugar is what gives the candida strength to cause havic on the body, and this also includes products with sugar type ingredients.

Are There Exceptions..

There are a couple of exceptions that I let go, however this is up to you, I let probiotics that contain sugar and some small amounts of sweet fruit get past. This one is up to you, I find the benefits of probiotics far outweighs the negative aspects. Also I use the low sugar one called probiotic light. This is available at most supermarkets. Another pro biotic that is effective against the Candida bacteria is Threelac which is available at many locations online.

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  1. I know exactly what you are saying here, I fully relate to the anxiety candida can cause. I suffered from anxiety for many years and only in the last few months have I realized the correlation to what was causing it in my case. My anxiety started when ever I tried to do a bowel movement around that time candida always played up and toxins increased.

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