Can a Broken Heart Cause Candida?

The question Can a Broken Heart Cause Candida was asked of me recently. While the two are not officially linked scientifically, it is easy to see how emotional pain such as a break up can cause all sorts of problems, one being the susceptibility to Candida Albicans. Emotions are a big part in a lot of illnesses or conditions, candida being no different.

So what is the solution if you have a broken heart and now you believe you have candida..? The only solution i can think of is to reflect on what makes you happy when you are alone. I mean we can choose to be upset and to hide deep in our emotions or we can choose to fight those feelings enough in order to move on.. I am not saying it is easy but a big part of it all is understanding.. Nothing goes much further than that in many ways.. It is so easy to blame your ex love or blame yourself, but deeply inside sometimes things change.. Its a sad truth of life, sometimes a broken heart is part of the story.


We all have to remember how we felt before the broken heart, before the relationship. You were okay were n’t you..? Now it is time to get back to that.. Look after yourself now and be happy.. Now going back to the candida aspect that may be playing in the same arena.. Try to throw it just like the hurt of the broken heart, if it was caused by emotions, then as you heal, so too will that form of candida.. Of course do the diet and lifestyle as well, just to be sure.. Good Luck.

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