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Are You Looking For the Answer to Get Rid Of Candida Once and For All..?

If so, you have come to the right place.. My Candida Cleanse is a one stop blog for all your answers on how to remove Candida Albicans. Full of reports, testimonials, advice and tips.. Imagine this, waking up one morning and feeling refreshed and Candida free, it is possible, I have been there myself and I will show you how.

About Me..

Hi, my name is Timon Weller.. What inspired me to write this blog is when i was younger i suffered from chronic Candida for over two years. It took over my life at some points and some times I even thought I was going to die.

When i got well I always wanted to share my recovery and how i did it to those in the same situation.

Aspects I Go Over In My Emails, Website and Book..

  • Diet and Health
  • Emotional Defence
  • Physical Understanding
  • Herbs and Alternatives
  • Powerful Three Day Diet
  • Recommended Products

Candida can be very mental, physical and emotional. I aspire to help those in need, to solve there needs as much as possible and lastly to get them back on track to full recovery..

I hope that with my understanding and knowledge of this illness and condition called Candida, that I can help many online get on with there lives.

What Others Say About This Website..

“I suffered from Candida for many Years and this blog helped me get back on track..” 
– Sarah Gailes

“Candida is the worst ever, I would not wish it on the worst enemy and thanks for helping Timon, you really helped me get on top of my condition again. Subscribed and a fan..”
– Andrew Helpin

“Finally Candida Free, that book you recommended saved me, thanks..”
– Melissa J

By the way, also feel free to contact me anytime if you have a particular question in need of answering. Thank you..

More on Me..

The Writer and Blogger behind www.mycandidacleanse.com is Timon Weller.


While all claims are written from a previous Candida Sufferer, my experience and tips are not that of a doctor or medical profession. Please take my advice as tips and tricks to help get rid of Candida from a previous sufferers perspective, however not as actual medical advice. None of which I write about can I claim as medical fact and should be seen as advise only.