Welcome to My Candida Cleanse

Welcome to My Candida Cleanse, if it is your first time here you are probably thinking, how you or a friend of yours can get rid of Candida. If so, you have come to the right place. Candida can be tough, but because I have been there and conquered it before I know this website can help you or anyone you know conquer it as well.

First of all, let me first make it clear, Candida is not a mystery, no matter how many doctors say it is or hide the truth. The truth is most doctors just are not trained in this area and because Candida already exists in the body already, it is easy for them to overlook and then for you to continue to feel sick and tired.

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Time to Conquer Candida..

This website therefore is about saying enough is enough with it, time to conquer it, we know candida is tough and so let’s address it now before it becomes worse.

So, what should you do first, well first you should start looking at the most common causes and symptoms of candida, if you still are unsure whether you even have Candida, well then take our quick test and you will see within minutes or hours..

After that, then it is about addressing you and your diet, you have to start focusing on making healthier changes.

The Three Day Candida Diet Plan is a great option for getting in control of candida fast. To find out more.

Helpful food additions to diet include GarlicGinger, coconut and many more. Not too mention the secret additions such as probiotics like Threelac and Enzymes like Candex.

I know it takes time and effort, however with patience you can be on the road to recovery and a healthier you within a few months or maybe even less.

My Story – Can you Relate..?

Let me also share with you that I have been there as well myself, It is really hard, I had Candida for many years and did not even know, at some points I even thought I would die. It really is amazing how sick a yeast infection can make you. It happened to me when I was around 19 years old, it actually took over my life, lost contact with friends as I basically went from doctor to doctor, the diagnoses ranged from nothing, to hypochondria to panic attacks, to you name it. They really overall had no clue what was wrong and what was making me feel continually ill. Finally and luckily for me I stumbled upon a amazing allergy specialist that found my problem once and for all.. Interestingly, times are a changing and some doctors today actually do know what this infection can do, it just depends on the doctor.

I was diagnosed finally with chronic Candida, however things did look up, within weeks I was hanging out with friends again, eating more normally and socialising again.Things were basically back to normal, except all I had to do was be aware of what was the cause and change my lifestyle.

Okay, so that was my story in a nutshell and that is why this website exists, a site dedicated to helping you or another person you know with Candida make changes in there life in order to live a healthy life once again.


Eliminating Candida with Fasting

Other than going on a specific diet, one that wants to get rid of Candida in another way can choose to go another route. That other way is fasting. While often ignored fasting is one of the most effective ways of eliminating toxins and bad bacteria in the body.

This in turn can be a very effective way of getting on top of candida very fast as well.

…In fact fasting has been related to many health benefits however it is always recommend to ask your doctor before starting any rigid low eating diet.

Now, what one needs to be aware of when fasting is ensuring it is safe for your body. You may want to consult your doctor and if issues you may want to consider doing a minor fast first to test the limits of the body.

What do I mean by mild fast, well a proper fast can be done as much as 21 days. For a minor fast one would do only 3 days. Then after completing a 3 day fast, you may later want to consider one week and so forth.

Please be aware going 21 days without food is not safe without supervision for experienced doctors or nutritionists.

In the video Above Loren Lockman goes over the benefits of fasting and how it can get rid of yeast and candida problems.

Threelac Capsules


A new product is on the market called  Threelac Capsules, they are small, lightweight and easy to take and yes I have ordered them as well. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and see if they are as good as the Threelac sachets powder. First of all, my first impression was … Read more

Why Fresher is Better When it Comes to Diet?

Have you ever heard the saying, the fresher the better when it comes to what we eat and our food. This is so true when you have any form of food sensitivity such as candida or yeast infections. So what is about these types of foods that creates an issue..?

  1. Firstly fresh food is full of so many nutrients which will help boost the immune system, where as with less fresh fruit and veges a lot of the good vitamins and minerals are less including vital
    immune boosting vitamins.
  2. Fresh food is fresh so there is no risk of mold in your food. This may not be the case with food that has been sitting, small amounts of mold or yeast maybe forming which is not good for any type of yeast infection. This is particularly noticeable on the potato family so fresh is key..
  3. Fresh food contains enzymes, where as non fresh food has very little or none at all.. Enzymes aid digestion.
  4. Fresh food is best because that is what nature intended before the technology age came around and refrigerators came into play. Now every thing can be frozen or put in cans, etc, etc..
  5. Important omega vitamins remain in fresh food.
  6. Research has shown that those that eat high amounts of processed foods risk heart disease or obesity whereas those that are brought up on fresh produce can live to very long periods of time with less chance of illness, disease or even cancer.


Garlic Everyday to Help Keep Yeast Infections Away


Have you ever heard the saying, an apple a day to help keep the Dentist away. The same can go for Garlic and Yeast infections or Candida. Garlic like we all know has some amazing properties and one them is its ability to kill mold, heal infections and lastly help kill Candida bacteria. Because it … Read more